ADCC 2015 Day Two Recap: Davi Ramos’ Gold-Winning Armbar Highlights Afternoon

By Mike Sloan Aug 30, 2015

On the second day of the 2015 Abu Dhabi Combat Club Submission Wrestling World Championship, the best of the remaining combatants rose to the occasion to capture gold in their respective divisions. Though the submissions were few on Sunday, Davi Ramos’ armbar to capture gold was the highlight of the entire event.

Ramos had already submitted Gilbert Burns via rear-naked choke in his first match of the day. Standing in his way of the coveted gold medal in the 170-pound bracket was Lucas Lepri, who had just topped Octavio Souza on points. What transpired in the finals was the sort of submission that will live on for years, the type of move that will be imitated in virtually every jiu-jitsu academy for weeks to come.

During their duel, Lepri was on his back, trying to sucker the standing Ramos into his guard. Ramos wanted nothing to do with it and looked to pass to his right. After faking the pass a few times, Ramos exploded into the air to his right and, when Lepri tried to shield the attack, snatched Lepri’s left wrist in mid-air. Ramos made the transition and landed perfectly to Lepri’s side to secure the armbar and the tap.

UFC veteran Vinny Magalhaes was one of the favorites to win the over-218-pound division, but he ran into the human brick wall known as Orlando Sanchez. The massive Sanchez thwarted virtually all of his opponent’s attacks and did just enough to outpoint Magalhaes en route to the finals. Sanchez next met Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt Jared Dopp, who had defeated Joao Gabriel Rocha, but Dopp ran into the same problem as Magalhaes. In the end, Sanchez’ strength and size allowed him to win the gold medal via referee’s decision.

Rodolfo Vieira was a few steps quicker than his counterparts in the 218-pound bracket, scoring decision wins over Xande Ribeiro and then Felipe Pena. Both of his Sunday victories came via verdicts that were among the closest of the entire weekend. Pena beat Joao Assis in order to get into the finals.

Yuri Simoes met his current rival, Keenan Cornelius, in the finals of the 194-pound division. Like he’d done before, Simoes came out on top. Simoes, who squeaked past Romulo Barral in the semifinals, was 1-0-1 against the lanky American coming into their gold medal encounter and many in the grappling community expected Cornelius to come out on top, but Simoes racked up three points late in their match and hung on to win. Cornelius edged Rustam Chsiev in a disputed ref’s decision to be granted access to the final.

Rubens Charles was snakelike in both of his matches in the 145-pound division, besting Augusto Mendes by the skin of his teeth and then shutting out Bruno Frazatto by a score of 3-0 in the final to snag the gold. “Cobrinha” won his division for the second consecutive ADCC championship. Frazzato defeated Geo Martinez in order to reach the finals.

On the women’s side, the popular Mackenzie Dern went through a brutal battle with Michelle Nicolini in order to capture her first ADCC gold medal in the under-132-pound division. Dern barely beat Nicolini in the finals, doing so thanks to one penalty point taken from Nicolini during their 4-4 tie. Dern got past Bia Mesquita while Nicolini bested Tammi Musumeci to reach the gold medal round.

Lastly, the women’s over-132-pound bracket was won by Ana Laura Cordeiro, who decisioned Amanda Santana and then Jessica Oliveira to win the gold. She was more aggressive in both of her matches from start to finish, which paved the way toward first place. Oliveira got past Gabi Garcia via ref’s decision in the semifinals.

ADCC 2015 Medals Round-up

Prize Money
Gold: $10,000
Silver: $5,000
Bronze: $3,000

Over-218-Pound Medal Order
Gold: Orlando Sanchez
Silver: Jared Dopp
Bronze: Vinny Magalhaes

218-Pound Medal Order
Gold: Rodolfo Vieira
Silver: Felipe Pena
Bronze: Joao Assis

194-Pound Medal Order
Gold: Yuri Simoes
Silver: Keenan Cornelius
Bronze: Rustam Chsiev

170-Pound Medal Order
Gold: Davi Ramos
Silver: Lucas Lepri
Bronze: Gilbert Burns

145-Pound Medal Order
Gold: Rubens Charles
Silver: Bruno Frazzato
Bronze: Augusto Mendes

Women’s Over-132-Pound Medal Order
Gold: Ana Laura Cordeiro
Silver: Jessica Oliveira
Bronze: Gabi Garcia

Women’s Under-132-Pound Medal Order
Gold: Mackenzie Dern
Silver: Michelle Nicolini
Bronze: Tammi Musumeci

Absolute Division
1st Place: Claudio Calasans ($40,000)
2nd Place: Joao Gabriel Rocha ($10,000)
3rd Place: Rodolfo Vieira ($5,000)

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