Adam Borics Felt He Was Stronger on the Ground Against Aaron Pico

By Natalie Zamudio Jun 19, 2019

Adam Borics earned a spectacular victory over Bellator MMA prospect Aaron Pico last week at Bellator 222. Borics, who was 12-0 going into the fight, surprised Pico in Round 2 with a flying knee that dropped the upstart down to the canvas. Eight follow-up headshots cemented the victory for Borics, who climbed the cage in celebration.

Now 13-0, "The Kid" from Hungary fighting out of Florida, remains almost nonplussed about his impressive win. "I told everybody, I am a finisher, and I finished him, so it was my plan," Borics relayed to Luke Thomas of The MMA Hour.

Pico, known for his wrestling and boxing pedigrees, had yet to truly implement his wrestling in any of his mixed martial arts bouts thus far. It wasn't until this fight with Borics, that the recent addition to the Jackson-Wink MMA gym in New Mexico, turned almost exclusively to his wrestling to nullify the standup game of Borics.

But with one minute left in round number two, Borics, who had already endured almost two rounds of Pico's top pressure, unleashed a flying knee to Pico's jaw and extended his undefeated streak. "Everybody just thought I am good on striking, but I am good on the ground," remarked the fighter. "I was prepared for that, you know? I know that he would take me down, but I was prepared for that."

Borics elaborates further, admitting that despite almost ten minutes of battling against Pico's grappling, the 25-year-old knew he was stronger. "When we were on the ground, I felt I am stronger. Not too much, but [a] little bit I was stronger. And when he took me down I could save my energy because I heard him, he was breathing so hard and he was squeezing."
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