Alex Davis Defends Decision to Halt Andrade-Lineker Bout, Expects Eventual Trilogy

Four months after their first encounter ended in a no contest due to an illegal knee, the second battle between Fabricio Andrade and John Lineker at One on Prime Video 7 was definitely worth the price of admission.

Just like the first meeting, Andrade used his superior muay thai and reach advantage to control the distance, eventually hurting Andrade badly enough to cause manager/cornerman Alex Davis to stop the fight before the final round. With the victory, Andrade captured the undisputed One bantamweight title. Despite the high stakes involved, Davis doesn’t regret his decision.

 “I would be a criminal if I allowed my fighter to return with both eyes closed,” Davis told Sherdog.com. “It was hard to do, especially with it being a title fight, but I had to take that decision. Safety comes first.”

Davis’ only regret is that Lineker arrived in Thailand just one week before the rematch, which was held at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok.

“From my perspective, what decided the fight was the fact that Lineker didn't come to Thailand to get acclimated before,” Davis said. “If you look at every round, Lineker starts better and finishes worse. Fabricio lives here. He should have come at least two weeks before. But we don’t want to take anything from Fabricio. He is a true champion. In addition to his excellent technique, his ability to absorb strikes is really amazing.”

Davis says that Lineker will continue his championship dreams following his latest defeat.

“He is only 32, and even having almost 50 MMA fights, is still in his prime and will keep chasing the belt,” Davis said. “If Fabricio keeps the title, you can bet on that trilogy.”

Davis took a picture of Andrade and Lineker sharing a moment in a Bangkok hospital after the One on Prime Video 7 headliner.

“Fabricio is such an amazing kid, and Lineker just has respect for him,” Davis said. “It was beautiful to see the respect between them after delivering a war in the One ring. That's what the sport is all about.”

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