Amanda Cooper Told by UFC She Can Return After a Few Wins

By Cole Shelton Aug 30, 2019

Amanda Bobby Cooper was recently let go by the Ultimate Fighting Championship, but she left on good terms.

When she was released, the Las Vegas-based promotion told her once she picks up a few wins, she will likely be brought back.

"Yeah they told me they want me get some wins and I'll be back," Cooper told "I will talk to them once I pick up some more wins. But, I am not in a rush to get back to the UFC. I got there when I was 1-1 in a pro, I was a baby and had to grow up in the hardest organization in the world. Just need to take my time fighting and choose when I fight."

For Cooper, she is currently set to fight in Lights Out Championship 5 on Sept. 7, and after that will compete in Invicta Fighting Championships, where she is already signed. For "ABC," going to back to the regional scenes was fine with her.

"I feel great about it," she explained. "I can fight locally and have my friends and family come out. The plan is to fight as often as I can, and on the regional scenes you can do that."

If she does get back to the UFC, she plans on moving to new weight class. She intends to go up to flyweight in a move that she feels is long overdue, as she frequently struggled with her weight cut.

"I want to be at flyweight," she concluded. "I wasn't having a hard time not making strawweight, but the cut was tough. I think as the older I get and the more I do it, it will only be worse. Almost half of my fight camp would be about my weight cut, so I don't want to worry about that. Just stay at flyweight where I am healthy and feel the best I am."


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