Anderson Silva on Vitor Belfort Rematch: ‘He Already Experienced the Bad Smell of My Foot’

By Marcelo Alonso Apr 1, 2016

One of the highlights of the recent UFC 198 press conference in Curitiba, Brazil, resulted from a question posed by Combate reporter Andre Azevedo, who asked Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort about a possible rematch in the future. The two men fought at UFC 126 in February 2011, as Silva knocked out Belfort with a front kick to the face.

“You guys are probably the only fighters in MMA history who have been fighting at a high level for 19 consecutive years, and your fight changed the history of Brazilian MMA, just like Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin did in the United States,” Azevedo said. “Would you agree to make a rematch of that historic fight before you retire?”

Silva initially declined to answer, so Belfort got on the microphone. “The Phenom” will face former Strikeforce champion Ronaldo Souza in the UFC 198 co-main event on May 14.

“I’m really focused on my goal, which is the title,” Belfort said. “When we fought, it was a big deal because we had trained together, but I knew that fight would break barriers and open new fields for the sport. Today, we’re all here enjoying the return from that fight. Anderson had a wonderful night, but the smell of his stinky feet is gone. As I said now, I’m focused on the tough challenge against ‘Jacare’ that will lead me to the title.”

When pressed, Silva again elected not to respond. He instead pointed to UFC 198 headliner Fabricio Werdum in an attempt to keep the focus on him. The heavyweight champion then chimed in.

“I’m headlining the event and demand you give him an answer,” Werdum said.

Silva, who drew a UFC 198 assignment opposite Uriah Hall, laughed and acquiesced.

“That’s too much for my 41-year-old heart,” he said. “Let me stay quiet here. You guys want me to fight for the belt and fight Vitor ... He already experienced the bad smell of my foot, so forget about it.”
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