B.J. Penn Vows to Win UFC Title Again

By Cole Shelton May 9, 2019

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight and welterweight champ B.J. Penn is full of confidence for the road ahead, as he will be back in the Octagon taking on Clay Guida this Saturday at UFC 237.

Although Penn is riding a six-fight losing streak and hasn't won since UFC 123 against Matt Hughes in November 2010, the UFC Hall of Famer is still confident he has what it takes to win. Not only does he think he can win this fight, but Penn believes he can win back his belt.

"I stopped thinking about legacy years ago. I fight because I know I will be back, I know I will be back on to the top again," Penn said to TSN on Thursday. "I fight because of what I believe. I believe in myself, I believe in what I will do and that's why I'm still here fighting today. Of course I love fighting and this and that, but you be crazy for me to think I am going to get my ass kicked again. No, I believe in myself, we are gonna go out and we're gonna go get the belt back. As crazy as this sounds to everybody else, everybody know everybody out there, things might be hard, don't stop, keep going."

He ended by saying, "If someone doesn't believe in you, you look at them and tell them straight, your lack of faith disturbs me, leave."

To do that, Penn will need to get a win over Guida and start to work his way up the rankings, but the 40-year-old has full confidence he will do it.


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