BYB Extreme Sues Triller Over Use of Triangular Ring Design

A week before its first “Triad Combat” show, Triller Fight Club is facing a challenge in court based on the allegedly stolen design of its three-sided ring.

On Thursday, BYB Extreme Fighting Series, helmed in part by Dhafir Harris – also known as Dada 5000 – sent out a release announcing that it had filed a lawsuit against Triller, Triller Fight Club, Fite.TV and the owner of Triller, Ryan Kavanaugh. The claim, which was filed on Thursday in federal court in Florida, is that Triller, by using a three-sided ring design to stage its new series of fights under the “Triad Combat” banner, infringed on the intellectual property rights held by BYB. The BYB promoter, Mike Vazquez, alleged that Triller ignored any request to rectify the situation, which prompted the suit.

“We have, since 2015, invested a significant amount of capital into BYB and our Triangle ring design, the Trigon,” Vazquez wrote in the release. “Upon seeing Triller’s blatant copy of our patented ring design, we made our best efforts to communicate and solve the situation amicably. Unfortunately, we were rebuffed. Incredibly, Triller and Hollywood exec Ryan Kavanaugh believe they can roll over us and our intellectual property rights. We are here today to demonstrate that we won’t sit by quietly and let that happen. It’s a combat sport, and we are ready for the fight.”

By suing the various parties including Fite.TV, the bare-knuckle boxing organization recognizes the relationship it holds with Fite.TV. The broadcasting service has aired several BYB shows in the past, both using its triangular cage design as well as its three-sided ring titled the “Trigon.” On those broadcasts, per BYB, Fite.TV noted the uniqueness of the BYB ring and even allegedly referenced the ring being patented.

Per the release, a BYB executive met with Triller head Kavanaugh to discuss a potential partnership with Triller and BYB. This included possible co-promoted Triller Fight Club events using the three-sided ring. The arrangement ultimately did not come to fruition, and a few months later, Triller announced its Triad Combat card using a ring with three sides.

Triller Fight Club is still intending on putting on its inaugural Triad Combat event on Nov. 27 at the Globe Life Stadium in Arlington, TX. In addition to several mixed-rules matches pitting boxers against MMA fighters, the metal band Metallica will put on a concert during the course of the evening. Headlining the show at the moment is nine-round heavyweight tilt pitting the legendary Frank Mir against former heavyweight boxing title challenger Kubrat Pulev. Other MMA fighters on the billing include Mike Perry, Matt Mitrione and Albert Tumenov.



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