Bellator: Kimbo Slice Showed No Warning Signs of Heart Problems in Pre-Fight Tests

By Mike Sloan Jun 8, 2016 on Wednesday reported that Kimbo Slice showed no signs of serious heart problems when cleared by doctors ahead of his February bout with Dhafir “Dada 5000” Harris, according to Bellator MMA officials.

Bellator said that Slice, who was 42 when he died on Monday, was subjected to extensive testing before his Bellator 149 battle because he was over the age of 35. He underwent a physical exam, an EKG and an EEG in order to be cleared to fight.

According to the report, a Bellator official told TMZ Sports that, had there been any indication of health problems or other health-related red flags, Slice would have been removed from competition immediately. Bellator said that the popular former street brawler passed all of his physicals and that the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation has the document in its possession.

After Slice passed away, it was revealed that his heart was in such poor condition that the powerful striker needed a heart transplant. contacted Bellator officials for comment on Wednesday but did not receive a reply.

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