Bob Sapp-Quinton Jackson vs. Jon Nutt-Andrew Wood Atop Fight Circus 6 on April 1

Their whole lives have been million-to-one shots…now, “Sloppy Balboa” is about to show the world that they’re one-in-a-million.

Courtesy of Full Metal Dojo head Jon Nutt on Thursday, the preliminary bout listing for Fight Circus 6: “The Rise or Fall of Sloppy Balboa” on April 1 has been made public. The Thailand-based league will be running its sixth iteration of the “Fight Circus” series on March 31 in Thailand, airing the first of April in the United States, at the Illuzion Nightclub in Phuket. Capping off the evening’s festivities will be a two-on-two “Siamese boxing” match pitting Bob Sapp and Quinton Jackson against Nutt and Andrew Wood.

The order has not yet been made official, and changes are frequent and unexpected in this organization. As it stands currently, the opener will be titled “Dana Black’s Gentlemen’s Power Slap League Finals,” which mocks the Power Slap League helmed by UFC president Dana White. It is unclear how many participants will be involved in this, or if they will be slapping one another defenselessly like the much-maligned slap promotion.

From there, Full Metal Dojo will stage a one-round, 10-minute, bare-knuckle MMA match, pitting Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner Campbell Symes against “Kyoken” Natthatorn Tampiyanan. The rules state that there will be “no holds barred,” hearkening back to the UFC days of old. The next competition is called “Musical Chairs of Doom,” which has been explained as a game of Musical Chairs, where the winner picks who he fights and the person he picks chooses the style of combat in which they compete. The Musical Chairs game will include six competitors experienced in muay Thai around 130-135 pounds in weight, and the other four not victorious or chosen will then be available for additional fights.

Two of those four remaining fighters will be selected to square off against Walter John Veale, local fitness instructor and wellness coach, in the fan-favorite bout called “MMAsymmetrical.” The last two will be selected to participate in a blind-folded muay Thai match, where they must wear face-covering lucha libre masks.

Full Metal Dojo will be bringing back its “Wheel of Violence,” which features a person spinning the wheel to select the ruleset. Six different options have been available in the past: five minutes of MMA, three minutes of muay Thai, two minutes of spinning strikes only, 90 seconds of kicking only, 90 seconds of punching only and 90 seconds of “Foot in the Tire” boxing. Kushal Vyas will square off against Joel Fratello in this openweight meeting.

What follows is a tug of war between ring girls, and then an undetermined matchup between individuals listed as “Grab Driver” and “WinMotocye” where the victor wins a bike of some kind. “The Human Pinata” then takes center stage, with no explanation of what this might entail. The penultimate match will see French lethwei artist Souris Manfredi throw down against two opponents in a FMD first women’s MMAsymmetrical battle.

The main event culminates with a “Siamese boxing” battle where two men are tied together and fitted with a two-headed shirt, and they are laced up with boxing gloves. They will face an opponent, or opponents, with matching attire. In one corner, renowned competitors Sapp and “Rampage” Jackson will team up under the billed name of “Twopollo Ramsapp Creed.” The other team is named “Sloppy Balboa,” consisting of FMD head Nutt and Bang Tao Muay Thai coach Wood. The two teams will duke it out for upwards of three rounds, likely two minutes each at most.
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