Bodycam Footage of Jon Jones’ Arrest Released, Jones Claims He ‘Got Stir Crazy’

By Jay Pettry Mar 27, 2020

Video footage of UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones' arrest has now been released.

On Friday, an arrest video surfaced from the bodycam footage, and was posted by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. In the video, Jones explained to officers that he had a drink of vodka, and struggled with the sobriety tests due to claimed attention deficit disorder and that he gets "punched in the head for a living." He also described that his short-term memory was "really bad" due to his combat sports career.

When questioned about why he was driving around during a pandemic, he claimed he "got stir crazy" and was pulled over for "being nice to homeless people." He said, "It was my first drive in two weeks. I saw these homeless guys, I was being nice to them, having conversation with them, treating them like humans." Jones then takes alternative tests including counting forwards and backwards, along with reciting the alphabet, before interjecting that his daughter is dyslexic.

Following these tests, Jones is informed that he will be placed under arrest, and is handcuffed and placed in a squad car. An emotional Jones requests for officers to give him space due to his anxiety, and concludes when he asks to have the window rolled down and the police car door is shut.

The arrest took place on Thursday morning, where officers responded to the scene after hearing a gunshot in the area. Jones was later given a Breathalyzer test and his results were over twice the legal limit. He has been charged for four offenses including an aggravated DWI as well as the negligent use of a firearm. His bond arraignment hearing is currently scheduled for April 8.


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