Boxing: Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko Play-by-Play & Round-by-Round Scoring

Sherdog.com's live Anthony Joshua vs. Wladimir Klitschko play-by-play and round-by-round scoring kicks off Saturday at approximately 4:55 p.m. ET.

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Anthony Joshua vs. Wladimir Klitschko

Round 1

Klitschko comes out with a series of meager jabs and then a sweeping left hook, though it misses. Joshua stays in the pocket, backing away to counter. A solid right to the face from Joshua but the Ukrainian takes it well. They paw at each other with jabs, looking to get inside before both missing left hooks. Joshua counters a left jab with a left hook, though Klitschko blocks it. A right is dug into Klitschko’s body, followed by a grazing overhand right to the head. It’s a close round due to the lack of intensity, but Joshua wins it. 10-9 Joshua

Round 2

A missile of a right lands for Klitschko as soon as the round begins, but the Brit takes it. Joshua tags his foe with a stiff jab but his follow-up right misses. Joshua has his head snapped back by a jab a minute in. Joshua comes to life and jabs to the head and body before cracking him with a sneaky overhand right. Joshua’s jab is working nicely now, late in the round, but he’s not doing any damage to the former champ. Klitschko tries to get inside with a series of jabs, but they all fall short. Another close one goes to the champ. 10-9 Joshua

Round 3

A right to the mouth starts the round for Klitschko, but Joshua walks right through it. A jab-overhand right for Joshua, but it merely glances off of the challenger’s head. Joshua gets inside and unloads the right uppercut but it’s not totally on target. Klitschko isn’t active at all at the midway point, but Joshua is not making his suffer for it. A Klitschko left hook misses its mark with 45 seconds left, but the champ is out of position to counter. A few shots to the body after some jabs for Joshua as the round draws to a close. 10-9 Joshua

Round 4

Like before, Klitschko opens the frame with a hard right to the head. Another, but Joshua recovers quickly. They clinch, but nothing comes from it. A left to the head misses for Joshua, but his follow-right does not and it pushes Klitschko back a few steps. Klitschko throws out a few jabs to the chest, but he’s countered by a lead right to the ribs in return. Joshua counters a lazy right with a right over the top to the melon, but the Ukrainian takes it well. Joshua ends the round with a stiff jab but it’s not enough. 10-9 Klitschko

Round 5

Klitschko comes out hard but Joshua cracks him with a right to the head. Klitschko is hurt badly and the Brit swarms him. Klitschko is bleeding and goes down early. He is in deep trouble but he’s up and reeling. The fight continue and Joshua is all over him. Joshua walks into a left hook and it stiffens Joshua, but he continues to come forward. Joshua ducks under a wild left hook and he gasps for air. A right to the gut, followed by a left hook for the champ but Klitschko slams a left hook of his own in return. Joshua is hurt with a minute late but he keeps fighting. They tie each other up to catch their breaths. Joshua is gassed against the ropes and he’s hurt by a right uppercut. A left from Klitschko rocks him further but he’s saved by the bell. Excellent round for both men. 10-8 Joshua

Round 6

They are more cautious to start the sixth, but Klitschko tags him with a right to the jaw. Joshua comes back with a right of his own, but Klitschko returns with a pair of lefts, though they are glancing blows. Joshua spits out his mouthpiece 50 seconds in, possibly exhausted. A huge straight right drops Joshua and he is badly hurt. He is up at eight and wobbly. The fight continues and Klitschko goes in for the kill. “Dr. Steelhammer” misses a wild left hook. Joshua stumbles backward, trying to clear his head. A pair of lefts to the dome rock Joshua again as he backs into the ropes. They clinch but the champ is gassed out and stumbles face-first into the turnbuckle after Klitschko shrugs him off. It’ a huge round for Klitschko. 10-8 Klitschko

Round 7

Joshua is coy to begin the frame as Klitschko stalks him. A lead right to the face for the Ukrainian, but Joshua shakes it off. A triple left hook from Klitschko but the champ avoids them all. Joshua paws with his jab, not willing to engage again just yet. Joshua swallows a few jabs and then starts talking trash to Klitschko. Joshua is not letting his hands go at all while Klitschko pops him with jabs repeatedly. The London native absorbs a sneaky right cross upstairs, but it does no damage. Finally, Joshua opens up with a right to the body, followed by a left hook upstairs but it’s not enough for the round. 10-9 Klitschko

Round 8

Joshua enters the eighth round for the first time in his career. Joshua opens with a few jabs that push Klitschko back. They trade left hooks, but both strikes are muffled by the distance. Joshua jabs to the body but his follow-up right to the grill misses. Klitschko doubles up his jab when the Brit backs into the ropes at the midway point. Klitschko just misses a straight right behind a jab. Joshua counters a left jab with a jab before tying his opponent up. Klitschko reels off a few more jabs late but Joshua answers with a jab-left hook at the bell. Very close round. 10-9 Klitschko

Round 9

Joshua ducks down and rips several punches to the body as soon as the stanza begins. A sweeping right hook downstairs misses for the champ but Klitschko can’t counter. Klitschko ties him up, but Joshua makes him pay with a few more shots to the gut. The Ukrainian lands a superb jab a minute in, but Joshua absorbs it well. Klitschko is backing away, moving side to side while the champ stalks him. A powerful right to face for Joshua, followed by a left to the body. Klitschko changes course and now moves forward with his jab, backing the champ up. However, a Joshua nails him with a hard right to the noggin, followed by a swift shoe-shine. 10-9 Joshua

Round 10

Klitschko tosses out a few jabs, but Joshua can’t get in close enough to counter him. Joshua counters his challenger with a sharp overhand right upstairs, but Klitschko takes it. A jab to the chest for the Brit, followed by a left-right to the melon. Joshua is moving well, making the older Klitschko follow him. Klitschko swallows a jab, which forces him to tie the champ up. Klitschko tags him with a pair of jabs, but Joshua counters him with a left hook to the head. The blow is of the glancing variety. They come together inside and their heads clack together, though neither man is hurt. It’s a very close round but the champ gets it. 10-9 Joshua

Round 11

Klitschko is nailed by a right to the jaw as soon as the round begins and his legs turn to jelly. Klitschko is tagged by a grazing left and right as he staggers away, trying to recover. Joshua is patient this time around, though, as he cautiously approaches him with jabs. Klitschko comes in for a clinch but he is tagged by a short left hook. Joshua slams a right uppercut to the jaw and Klitschko is in deep trouble. A left to the head floors the Ukrainian and he is up on very shaky legs. A huge three-punch combo to the head drops Klitschko flat on his back but he somehow climbs back to his feet. The fight resumes with a minute left and Klitschko somehow needs to survive. Joshua is in Terminator mode and unloads a storm of punches while Klitschko, about to go to sleep, covers up in the corner. Referee David Fields has no choice but to jump in and stop the beating.

The Official Result

Anthony Joshua def. Wladimir Klitschko via TKO (Ref Stoppage) R11, 2:25


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