Boxing: Ruiz Jr. vs. Joshua 2 Play-by-Play, Results & Round Scoring

By Mike Sloan Dec 7, 2019
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Andy Ruiz Jr. and Anthony Joshua are expected to make their way to the ring at approximately 3:45 p.m. ET.

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Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Anthony Joshua

Round 1

Luis Pabon is the referee for this highly-anticipated rematch. Andy Ruiz Jr.’s IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight titles are on the line and this duel will see if Ruiz’s initial win was a fluke or if he truly is among the elite in the division. And will Anthony Joshua reclaim his titles from his shocking defeat six months ago? The bell rings and the two meet in the center of the ring. A slimmer Joshua is pawing with his left jab and bouncing around Ruiz comes inside with jabs to the body. Ruiz is visibly much heavier than in their first fight; some 16 pounds heavier. Ruiz is walking Joshua around the ring early but “AJ” is sticking with the jab. Joshua with a straight right over the top but Ruiz shakes it off. Joshua is picking Ruiz apart from the outside late in the first. Ruiz is having a hard time getting in and then he’s pelted by a right cross. His legs buckle and he’s cut around his left eye. It’s a good opening round for Joshua. 10-9 Joshua.

Round 2

Ruiz comes inside with two stiff straight lefts tot eh face and it backs Joshua up. “AJ” is backing up more but his jab is working nicely again. A right to the face from Joshua re-opens that cut around the left eye about a minute in, but it’s not horrendous for the champ. Joshua is pressing his left jab down the champ’s throat midway and then misses two rights to the head. A loopy overhand right from Ruiz opens up a cut around Joshua’s left eye now with 45 seconds left. Joshua is moving well and seems to be on his bike late; possibly he’s shaken. Close round but Joshua takes it. 10-9 Joshua.

Round 3

Ruiz comes right at Joshua to begin the third, jabbing tot he body and head. Joshua is moving away, looking to reestablish his jab early. “AJ” seems a bit tentative early in the third as he’s moving backward and pawing lightly with his jab. Ruiz is chasing after Joshua now, trying to get inside. It’s clear at this point that Joshua does not want to get inside at all; he’s very skittish. Joshua goes with a sharp triple jab as he keeps the much shorter champ away. It’s a much slower round but Joshua definitely takes it based on a higher punch output. 10-9 Joshua.

Round 4

Ruiz is walking Joshua down, but he’s not cutting off the ring at all early in the fourth. Joshua, meanwhile, is sticking and moving nicely, though none of his jabs have any real force on them. Ruiz misses a two-punch combo upstairs and then narrowly avoids a sizzling right cross to the face. Joshua goes back to the jab and movement. Ruiz tags the challenger with a short right tot he head but swallows a pair of jabs for his effort. A loopy overhand right from the champ and then two lefts on the inside. Joshua back away and is nailed by another right just before the bell, forcing Joshua to clinch. 10-9 Ruiz.

Round 5

Joshua opens the fifth with a few jabs. Ruiz gets inside with his own jab but then misses a big left hook. “AJ” has a left hook blocked and when he’s tied up, the Brit absorbs a few punches to the ribs and one to the head. Joshua returns to the jab a few times and then cracks the champ with a straight right. Ruiz shakes it off, but he eats two more jabs late. Joshua is sticking and moving beautifully late and takes the round rather easily. 10-9 Joshua.

Round 6

Joshua with a series of jabs and then a left to the dome, but Ruiz returns the fire with a left over the top. Joshua grimaces and then sticks out his tongue before firing a right down the pike. Ruiz is not letting his hands go at all as he walks after Joshua, swallowing jab after jab. Joshua is in complete control with a minute left. Ruiz walks into a powerful left hook but he shakes it off like nothing happened to him. Joshua misses a left hook, ties Ruiz up and then complains after the champ digs multiple rights to the body. 10-9 Joshua.

Round 7

Ruiz is much more active early in the seventh as he goes to the body and head. Joshua continues to control the distance behind his jab and movement. They finally let their hands go and it’s a brief exchange; both men land cleanly to the head. Joshua then backs away and resets his jab. They clinch again and Joshua apologizes for something and then pounds his chest. A hard straight right to the face from Joshua, but Ruiz comes right back with a loopy left hook to the head. Its another round int he bag for the challenger. 10-9 Joshua.

Round 8

The eighth continues more of the same; Ruiz not letting his hands go as he swallows jabs and follows Joshua around the ring. Ruiz gets inside and Joshua ties him up, but not he break, Joshua digs a right to the ribs and he’s warned by referee Pabon. They restart the duel and Ruiz cracks “AJ” with a right to the dome. Another. Joshua is rattled and ties Ruiz up. When they split, the champ unfurls another right to the melon and Joshua retreats. A hard right-left hook to the head from Ruiz and Joshua stumbles back, and then look to his corner. It’s the best moment of action for Ruiz, who takes the round. 10-9 Ruiz.

Round 9

Joshua is very defensive early as Ruiz chases him down. Ruiz is more aggressive with ouches to the body and head, but then the challenger nails him with a stiff jab. Ruiz takes his foot off the gas and has allowed Joshua back into the fight. Joshua is sticking his jab out over and over. Finally, Ruiz opens up with an overhand right as “AJ” tries to clinch. Ruiz’s cut has re-opened with a minute left. Ruiz takes an uppercut on the inside and then drills Joshua with a right hook. Joshua smiles and backs away to recover. The champ lefts his right hand go again but time expires. 10-9 Joshua.

Round 10

Ruiz cracks Joshua with an overhand right early. Joshua is moving to his right and then his left, but Ruiz is able to get inside with a few jabs to the stomach. Joshua has gone back to his jab and excellent movement. Ruiz is perplexed late and seemingly unable to let his hands go. It’s a very slow-paced round as Ruiz basically just followed Joshua around the ring and ate scattered jabs. 10-9 Joshua.

Round 11

Joshua stuffs his jab down Ruiz’s throat three times at the start of the 11th. A sweet jab-right cross-jab combo from the challenger that snaps Ruiz’s head back. Ruiz is trying to get inside, but he’s just not letting his hands go. After eating two jabs, Ruiz traps the challenger in a corner, but he;’s unable to keep him there or land anything clean. “AJ” is back on his bike, moving beautifully behind his jab. Ruiz is not cutting off the ring whatsoever. Rather, he’s following the Brit around and eating jabs. Joshua is in complete control once again. 10-9 Joshua.

Round 12

Ruiz doesn’t go for broke to begin the final round. He does get inside but Joshua ties him up. A nice jab and then a powerful straight right to the face from “AJ” but Ruiz shakes it off. Back to the jab for Joshua and Ruiz’s cut has re-opened again. With a minute left, Ruiz absolutely needs to let everything go and gun for the knockout. Ruiz simply chased after Joshua, who continues to fire off that jab. Joshua continues to pop off his jab. With 10 seconds left, Ruiz points to the canvas and demands Joshua to fight him, but he’s too late. Joshua wins the 12th easily and should get a lopsided unanimous design win to reclaim the three heavyweight titles. 10-9 Joshua (118-110 Joshua).

The Official Result

Anthony Joshua def. Andy Ruiz Jr. via Unanimous Decision (118-110, 118-110, 119-109)
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