Browne Not Entirely Happy with KO Performance Against Struve

By Staff Jun 7, 2011
Travis Browne (file photo) blasted Stefan Struve. | Photo: Zhanna Popova/

It’s a knockout you’ll be seeing for a long time.

About four minutes into the first round of their heavyweight bout at UFC 130, Travis Browne crumbled Stefan Struve with a perfectly placed superman punch. Highlight-reel footage aside, though, Browne was not 100-percent content with his performance.

“Watching that fight, there’s so many things that I was happy with, but there’s twice as many things that I’m not happy with,” Browne said Monday on the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Savage Dog Show.”

Basically, Browne believes he needs to work on “everything.”

“I want to dominate every aspect of my fights,” he said. “Whether it’s controlling the pace, whether it’s the takedowns, the jiu-jitsu. I want to go in there and I don’t want to leave any question up to [the opponent] so that he can say, ‘Oh, I just got caught,’ or, ‘I made a mistake.’ I want him to leave that cage thinking, ‘There’s absolutely no way that I can ever beat that man.’”

Browne seems to be taking his career much more seriously after his October 2010 draw with Cheick Kongo. He had won his first UFC bout months before fighting Kongo and was still relaxing somewhat instead of training full time.

“That fight really showed me that I needed to learn how to become a fighter, not just go out there and try to bully people,” Browne said. “Because a lot of my wins I got just off of being bigger and stronger than the other guy, quicker than the other guy. That [draw] helped me realize that I really need to listen to my coaches and if I’m going to fight in the UFC, I need to do this full time and take it serious just like a full-time job.”

Kongo left a blemish on Browne’s undefeated record. The Hawaii native, who trains at Alliance MMA in Chula Vista, Calif., stepped up his preparation to bounce back with a win over the 6-foot-11 Struve.

“You can’t find sparring partners that punch at that angle, that kick at that angle, that have similar length to him, but it was something that we knew was going to have to be a fight-time kind of adjustment,” Browne said. “That’s something that we did. At the same time, a lot of people think of that as being one of his strengths, being taller than me, but honestly I looked at it as one of my strengths because I’m a very athletic person for how big I am. If I fight somebody bigger than me, chances are I’m going to be way more quicker, way more faster, stronger than they’re going to be.”

The result was a fantastic KO, whether Browne is satisfied or not.

“When it happened, you’re so just caught up in the moment,” Browne said. “You can feel the crowd yelling and standing up. You feel the cage underneath you shaking. It’s the ultimate excitement in there when something like that happens.”

Listen to the full interview (beginning at 31:45).

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