Bruno Silva Aims to Impress Like Idols Wanderlei Silva, ‘Shogun’ Rua

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Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight Bruno Silva is a firm believer of the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Riding an impressive streak of seven straight knockouts, “Blindado” Silva is not planning to change his style any time soon. On March 12, he will face former two-division Glory kickboxing champion Alex Pereira, and he is ready for what comes in Las Vegas. Silva spoke to Sherdog about his UFC Fight Night 103 bout, and how his training camps have evolved.

“I don’t do camps; I train the whole year the same way,” Silva admitted. “So I didn’t change anything about that fight with ‘Poatan.’”

According to “Blindado,” which means armored in Portuguese, his only adjustments preparing for a fight are to focus on his food, and get his mind ready for the next battle. BR>
“The only thing I give a special focus to is to strengthen my mind, do more sessions with the psychologist and of course I improve my diet. But my training is basically the same,” the former M-1 champion revealed.

Not even the fact of facing one of the most respected strikers in the world changes the Evolucao Thai fighter’s way of training.

“During my whole I’ve always been the underdog,” Silva explained. “They said I would be knocked out against Jordan [Wright], [Alexander] Shlemenko and [Artem] Frolov in Russia. What people need to understand is that I’m an MMA fighter. Wherever it’s good, I’ll fight. If I’m fighting anyone and start to have a hard time standing up, I’ll try to take him down, but my goal is always to look for the knockout.”

While on an impressive three-win streak inside the Octagon, he told Sherdog that he did not choose his next opponent. Instead, his foe selected him.

“They gave him three names, and he chose mine, and I’m really happy with that fight.” Silva expressed. “‘Poatan’ is a really tough opponent. He has his story in Glory, and I have mine in MMA. My goal is to exchange punches with him, and provide to the audience the best fight of the year. My idols are Wanderlei [Silva], ‘Shogun’ [Mauricio Rua] and ‘Minotauro’ [Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira], and I will always fight like them; to kill or be killed.”



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