CABMMA Changes Stewart-Barroso Result at UFC Fight Night 100 to No Contest

By Tristen Critchfield Nov 22, 2016

The result of the light heavyweight bout between Darren Stewart and Francimar Barroso at UFC Fight Night Sao 100 in Sao Paulo this past Saturday has been overturned to a no contest by the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA).

Stewart initially won the contest via technical knockout 1:34 into the opening frame, but Barroso filed a complaint, claiming that his opponent landed an illegal headbutt while attempting a takedown. Referee Eduardo Herdy did not notice the foul at the time, so the bout continued until the fight-ending sequence.

"The referee would have acted differently and asked for time out if he had seen the incident from a better position/angle in the cage, even if not entirely sure of what caused it, since it was being signaled to him by the fighter,” CABMMA Chief Operating Officer Cristiano Sampaio stated.

"After the time out, and normal/event replay shown on the big screen and referee identifying it as a contact of head to face, would have given a strong warning to the opponent, advising him to be more careful with clinching attempts using ‘‘head in’’ first movements/contacts. If not identified as it, but rather a normal blow (elbow, punch) and understood that the athlete was trying to misguide the referee to break that moment, the referee would have called the result as a TKO or desistance, since it was the fighter that signaled to the referee to interrupt the moment,” he continued. “But for this case, it should be considered as an unintentional foul.”

The result was ultimately overturned because “the incident did have on effect on the outcome of the fight since it was part of what ended the fight.”

Stewart, who was making his Octagon debut, is 7-0 as a professional with one no contest. Barroso, meanwhile, is 18-5 and 3-2 in the UFC with one no contest.

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