CES MMA 39 Weigh-in Results: Chuck O’Neil, Wilfredo Santiago Jr. Both on Weight

By Mike Sloan Nov 3, 2016
New England-based CES MMA returns to AXS TV Friday night with another night of fisticuffed action. CES MMA 39 will take place at Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth, Mass., and the event will be anchored by a middleweight fight between Chuck O'Neil and Wilfredo Santiago Jr.

At Thursday’s weigh-ins, most of the fighters on the main card made weight, most significantly the main event combatants. Both Santiago Jr. and O’Neil came in exactly at the middleweight division’s limit of 185 pounds, setting the stage for the rest of the marquee.

The co-featured bout was not without controversy, though. While Manny Bermudez came in just under the featherweight limit at 144 pounds, his opponent, Saul Almeida incredulously stood on the scale as he weighed in three separate times. He officially clocked in at a whopping 147 pounds. It was not revealed whether he’ll have to sweat off the extra baggage within two hours or if he’ll be fined.

Peter Barrett checked in at 150 pounds and foe Jeremy Davis came in at 148 for their 150-pound catchweight battle.

CES MMA 39 will be televised live on AXS TV beginning at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.

CES MMA 39 Weigh-in Results:

Chuck O'Neil (185) vs. Wilfredo Santiago Jr. (185)
Manny Bermudez (144) vs. Saul Almeida (*147)
Peter Barrett (150) vs. Jeremy Davis (148)
Mike Rodriguez (204) vs. Kevin Haley (201)
Bobby Flynn (171) vs. Micah Terrill (171)
Max Barrett (141) vs. Dan Dubuque (141)
Remo Cardarelli (123) vs. Joshua Ricci (125)
Connor Barry (157) vs. Anthony Giacchina (157)
Devin Pilkington (145) vs. Richard Santiago (140)
Zachary Fritz-Kill (149) vs. Charles Louis Bonar (151)
Shane Brady (171) vs. Joe Mikolinski (172)
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