Coach: Alves’ Procedure Successful

By Greg Savage Mar 31, 2010
File Photo: D. Mandel/

Former UFC welterweight title challenger Thiago Alves underwent a successful medical procedure to mend a malformation in the left hemisphere of his brain Wednesday in New York City, according to his American Top Team coach Ricardo Liborio.

Alves was not cleared to compete for his UFC 111 welterweight bout against Jon Fitch last weekend in Newark, N.J., after an abnormality was found in his pre-fight neurological exam.

The 26-year-old fighter was put through a battery of tests and it was determined he would need to have an angiogram -- a test where a catheter with a camera is inserted to get a first-hand view of the abnormality -- and possibly a surgical procedure to repair the problem.

Liborio told on Wednesday that the procedure couldn’t have gone better. According to Liborio, Alves first words after waking from anesthesia were, “When can I start training?”

ATT is still hopeful to get the fighter back in training in three weeks for a possible June or July return as long as Alves’ recovery goes smoothly. The incision in Alves’ groin, where the catheter was inserted, is the only real issue according to Liborio.

“We are really just thankful that everything went good with Thiago,” said Liborio. “He is really excited to get back to training and I think it is going to be hard to keep him from trying to get back too fast.”

Alves’ representatives have tentatively scheduled a press conference for Friday to release more details about the condition and its successful treatment.
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