Dana White Claims His Biggest Problem With McGregor is Punctuality

By Nathan Zur Dec 20, 2018

It is no secret that Conor McGregor is given a longer leash than other athletes fighting in the Ultimate Fighting Championship due to the revenue he brings in for the promotion every time he fights.

The Irish superstar proved just how valuable and relevant he still is in the fight game when he broke the pay-per-view record at UFC 229 with his fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov. The record was made more impressive as he had not fought inside the Octagon in nearly two years and had been in the news most recently for attacking a bus of UFC fighters ahead of UFC 223 in April.

While his indiscretions have definitely cast a cloud over the sport, he’s still UFC President Dana White’s most valued asset.

White was a guest on the Barstool Sports podcast and talked about his relationship with “The Notorious” particularly after the incident back in April. White said he regularly gets asked if McGregor is hard to deal but White said the only issue he has with McGregor is his punctuality attending press events as they’re broadcast live around the world through their television partners (transcribed by MMA News):

“Is Conor hard to deal with here and there? Yeah but he’s worth it,” White said. “People ask me what’s the biggest problem you have with Conor? It’s not showing up on time.

“Other than that, Conor’s incredible,” White added. “Conor’s a fun guy to be around, he’s hilarious, he’s a great fighter, he’s fun to watch. If the guy showed up on time, he’d literally be perfect. He’d be perfect.”


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