Dana White Not Optimistic Jon Jones ‘B’ Sample Will Produce Different Results

By Tristen Critchfield Aug 25, 2017

While Jon Jones is still entitled to a full review process after testing positive for a banned substance at UFC 214, Dana White isn’t confident that “Bones” will emerge with his name cleared.

“Now we’ll test the B sample. The thing is with USADA when they get a sample that comes in positive, they’re absolutely sure when they come out and say this test is positive,” White said on Fox Sports 1’s “Undisputed.”

“I’m expecting the same from the ‘B’ sample.”

Jones reportedly tested positive for the anabolic steroid Turinabol, which initially came to prominence as the performance enhancer of choice for the East German Olympic teams through the 1980’s. According to Bloody Elbow, it can still be popular for bodybuilders as part of a multi-steroid stack, but has also been found in supplements in recent years.

“I’m hearing that this drug is out of your system in two days. I don’t know enough about these things but that’s what I’m hearing,” White said. “Plus, it’s all about who’s giving you advice? If he did do this, he didn’t go out and get this himself. Somebody gave it to him.”

If Jones is found at fault for his second failed drug test within a year, it could potentially derail what once was a great career for good. And according to White, it wasn’t really necessary.

“The thing that’s sad is, when you start wondering if we should question everything Jon has done, he’s the best to ever do it,” White said. “He didn’t need those drugs. But guess what? Guys don’t need cocaine, guys don’t need this, they don’t need that. But they do it anyway. They do it for whatever reasons they do it. Jon Jones is one of the most gifted fighters that I’ve ever met, maybe the most gifted fighter that I’ve ever met.”


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