Daniel Roberts Plans to Help Launch Nick Diaz’s War MMA with Submission Win

By Sherdog.com Staff Jun 11, 2013

Nick Diaz’s debut as a promoter is set for June 22, and the man scheduled to headline the War MMA card is teammate Daniel Roberts.

Ahead of the bout, Roberts joined the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show to discuss opponent Justin Baesman and much more.

On Baesman: “I know he kicks a lot. He’s a tough guy. I’m definitely training hard for him. I know I’m a UFC vet and pretty much anybody that beats a UFC vet has a chance to get in the UFC. I know that; I’m aware of that. Of course he’s going to take this fight, and I know he’s training hard because he’s trying to beat me because I know he plans to go to the UFC. On the other hand, I’m training super hard because I want to do everything to win and not just win -- to finish my opponent. I’m always trying to finish my opponent. … I’ve had a lot of buddies that got screwed over [by decisions]. It just makes me sick. That’s like my biggest fear. You can definitely be expecting me to finish the fight and not just win.”

On getting back to the UFC: “That’s the goal. I’m just taking it one fight at a time. He’s a tough opponent, and I’m definitely going to be ready for him. I think not only is it important to just win, I’m trying to finish. … I plan on finishing on the 22nd. I think [UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva is not only looking at wins, he’s looking at, ‘Hey, this guy’s finishing people.’”

On his numerous wins via submission: “Pretty much if a guy has been submitted before, it’s a good fight for me. That’s the way I’m kind of looking at things. Obviously I know everybody’s getting better, but I’m getting better as well. I know what my opponents are expecting and I know what I’m going to do. We’ll see how it plays out.”

On getting to headline Diaz’s first show: “I was excited, definitely. Nick’s my boy. He’s definitely a good training partner. Anything I can do to help him out, I’m definitely going to be willing.”

On not being allowed to elbow in War MMA: “Obviously I love the elbows. I’m kind of mad that I can’t elbow, but it’s all good. I’ll be fine with it. I’ve just got to remember not to elbow. I don’t want to get any points taken away from me.”

On Diaz as a promoter: “I think he’s cool so far. Time will tell. Hopefully it works out well. He’s definitely a great training partner. I’m sure he’ll do well as a promoter as well.”

Listen to the full interview (beginning at 1:07).


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