Darren Till Tells Critics of Sparring Footage to ‘Stick to Internet Fighting’

By Tristen Critchfield May 9, 2018

Darren Till has been taking some heat for some of his sparring tactics after posting footage of a session in which he got the better of a training partner.

In a video posted to his Instagram account on Tuesday, Till rocks and drops his sparring partner during one exchange and then attacks with a flurry of punches up against the cage moments later. The sequence drew plenty of criticism from those in the comments section, many of whom accused Till of bullying a less talented teammate.

Rounds upon rounds upon rounds @ufceurope

A post shared by Till (@darrentill2) on May 8, 2018 at 11:44am PDT

Till, who is preparing to face Stephen Thompson in the UFC Fight Night 130 headliner in Liverpool, took exception to the sentiment that he was bully in sparring. To prove his point, Till posted another video on Tuesday where he was the one absorbing the hard shots in training during a December session.

“For all you dumb c—-s commenting on my previous video talking s—t, saying that it’s bullying,” Till wrote. “Giving my training partner s— saying he is not worthy to be in there with me! We had a good few rounds together [where] he gave me a smack and I gave him one, it was a hard day and I feel I [gave] it my all and that previous video was a good clip of me landing some shots.

“All you internet fighters haven’t got a f—-ing clue so stick to internet fighting and leave the real fighting to us! Here is a video which I posted last December of me taking a smack! I post when I’m hitting and I post when I’m taking a smack, so keep talking.”


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