Dream 7 Play-by-Play

Mar 8, 2009
Sherdog.com’s Tony Loiseleur reports from the Saitama Super Arena near Tokyo with live play-by-play of Dream 7, which is headlined by Shinya Aoki vs. David Gardner.

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Dream 7 starts with a dedication to Helio Gracie. Yuki Nakai and Kazushi Sakuraba give testaments before fans to observe a minute of silence for the late, great father of BJJ.

Takafumi Otsuka vs. Bibiano Fernandes
Round 1
They touch gloves and Otsuka catches a low kick before attempting a takedown, but in the ensuing scramble, Fernandes captures top position in half guard. Fernandes busies himself with elbowing the legs and trying to create distance to posture up, tapping lightly on Otsuka’s dome. Fernandes pulls his leg out for a moment, but Otsuka reclaims it in the half guard. Fernandes punches to the sides of Otsuka’s head. Otsuka works to recover full guard and is sat up against the ropes in an open half guard. Fernandes punches to the body and Otsuka kicks him away. Fernandes attempts to swing his way into Otsuka’s guard. Otsuka works spider guard as Fernandes’ corner tell him to go for body-body-head shots. Otsuka kicks the Brazilian off again and Fernandes tries to punch into guard again before a break is called. Otsuka is bleeding from the nose and a yellow card is given to Fernandes, apparently for not trying to finish the fight. It’s a bad call.

Back standing, the two trade punches, and Otsuka grazes with a low and high kick. Otsuka barrels into Fernandes and falls under him. The ref calls a break again. Fernandes blocks another high kick. Fernandes circles and Otsuka careens into the clinch off a hook. Otsuka presses Fernandes against the ropes for a moment before disengaging. Fernandes lands a punch, but Otsuka shakes it off and dances. Fernandes lands a knee in the clinch, and Otsuka pushes him against the ring post. Break. They trade low kicks, and Otsuka unleashes with a combination that grazes. Fernandes counters with his own and Otsuka pulls back. Otsuka low kicks, eats a right hook for his trouble.

Fernandes aims a jab at the body. Otsuka shoots, and in the scramble, Fernandes attempts to catch his back in the clinch. Otsuka spins and pushes Fernandes against the ropes. Break. Otsuka swings with three hooks, and Fernandes blocks them. Fernandes shoots for his own single, and is thwarted, pushed against the ropes.

Fernandes launches several knees to Otsuka’s groin and a momentary stop is called. Upon resuming, Fernandes swings a hook to hide a single leg attempt but Otsuka fends it off to push him against the ropes in the clinch. Break. Otsuka misses a hook and Fernandes returns with two of his own that miss right at the bell.

Round 2
Otsuka fishes for a big hook between low kicks. Otsuka lands a low kick on the outside, dancing around Fernandes. Fernandes goes for a single, doesn’t get it, but takes Otsuka’s back instead and threatens with the choke. Otsuka stands up with Fernandes on his back and stands near a corner, looking sullen and lost as he holds on. Otsuka quickly whips his way out and they’re back to trading punches and kicks. Otsuka catches a low kick, but misses the TD as Fernandes yanks it right out. Fernandes goes for a single, and Otsuka fends it off. They clinch up and Otsuka presses Fernandes against the ropes until the break. They stop a moment to clean Otsuka’s nose before resuming.

Otsuka lands a low kick and two hooks. Fernandes lands a big knee from the clinch that wobbles Otsuka, but instead of finishing, he raises his hands prematurely, allowing Otsuka to recover and push him into the corner. A break is called, and Fernandes clinches up and break Otsuka down for the TD. From on top in half guard, Fernandes begins punching. Otsuka explodes out and tries to launch a salvo of punches, but is taken right down again. Otsuka punches from the bottom as Fernandes punches from the top. Fernandes stands, and Otsuka tries to kick him from the bottom as the bell goes. Judges Hikaru Adachi, Kaori Todori, and Takashi Kobayashi score the bout for Bibiano Fernandes.

Chase Beebe vs. Joe Warren
Round 1
They clinch up and scramble, exchanging a knee before disengaging. Beebe puts Warren in the corner and they exchange dirty boxing punches. Beebe shoots and is stuffed upon extricating himself and the grapple in the clinch in the corner. They let go and return to the center of the ring. Warren lunges in with a big punch, and Beebe evades, taking him down momentarily. Warren pops up and chases Beebe into the corner with two big knees to the body. Beebe pushes him off and snaps off a low kick. Warren careens into Beebe again and they wrangle each other against the ropes in the clinch, exchanging knees. Disengaging, Beebe snaps off another low kick, and Warren grazes with a lunging hook. Warren launches into Beebe with a knee, pulls back. Beebe scores with a straight right, but Warren looks unperturbed.

A Beebe low and middle kick land. Warren attempts to stuff a jab into Beebe’s face, and Beebe plunks him with a one two. Warren trips off of a low kick, get back to his feet and charges right into the guillotine. It’s not sunk and he gets out, only to come crashing into Beebe again. Beebe picks his shots and lands with a right hook, countering the reckless Warren. They exchange grazing punches, and Warren lands with a push kick to the belly before hitting a right hook. Warren gets the takedown from the body lock—not quite a suplex, landing in Beebe’s guard. Warren work in a few punches, but is largely neutralized by Beebe before getting kicked off.

Beebe chases him down with one twos and big right hooks. Warren explodes into a hook, double leg, bringing Beebe back down into guard. Beebe crawls his legs up to look for a sub, but Warren doesn’t make this easy for him, working him over with punches. Beebe tries again, and again, he gets nothing but small punches. They scramble back to their feet off of one of Beebe’s failed sub attempts and Beebe eats a knee in the scramble. A cut is opened over the inside of his right eye, and starts bleeding. Beebe is taken down yet again. Warren takes side mount right at the bell.

Joe Warren is declared the winner, as Beebe is unable to continue into the second round. The stop comes by way of the doctor, due to the cut opened up over Beebe's left eye.

Akiyo 'Wicky" Nishiura vs. Abel Cullum
Round 1
Cullum wings in a huge right hook and misses, falling beneath Wicky, holding him in guard. Wicky fights to get posture while pushing Cullum into the corner. Cullum scoots back to his boot and they’re back on their feet. Cullum chasing Wicky down, and narrowly misses a big Wicky punch before stuffing him into the corner, working the single leg. Cullum gets the inside trip to land on top in half, working to pass to mount. Wicky wiggles and scrambles, reversing into Cullum’s guard. Cullum works his legs up and he goes for the armbar, but Wicky wriggles out and swings a big punch to Cullum’s face upon escaping. Cullum tries to capture a foot before Wicky pulls himself out of guard.

Standup. Cullum pushes Wicky against the ropes, trying to get another trip, but Wicky pushes forward and lands on top of Cullum in guard. Cullum locks Wicky’s arms down and goes to work on the armbar again. Sensing this Wicky pulls back out of guard and tries to drop Cullum with an upper as he comes to standing. Cullum smashes Wicky with a lead upper of his own before careening into him for the TD. From half, Cullum works to pass as Wicky controls his wrist. Cullum tries to pass to mount, but Wicky reverses into Cullum’s guard again. Cullum goes to work looking for the armbar, then the kimura on Wicky’s left arm. Cullum extracts the arm, but Wicky wrenches it free and punches Cullum. Cullum scissors Wicky’s head, then locks up an omaplata. Wicky drops Cullum to pull it out and sprawls on Cullum’s head, looking for knees.

Cullum drives Wicky into the corner and breaks Wicky down to sitting position, dropping small punches to Wicky’s face before launching a knee. Wicky fights his way to standing clinch and knees Cullum in the body. Wicky lands another knee before the break is called. Wicky grazes with the high kick, allowing Cullum to push Wicky down and take mount. Wicky’s head is caught in the ropes, but Cullum punches away, unhindered. Wicky shrimps to his side, eats more Cullum punches, but gets him to guard while doing so. Cullum working the body now, passing again to mount before getting shucked off to side. Cullum still dropping punches, working knee on belly, then mount. Wicky kicks Cullum off, and Cullum kicks at Wicky’s legs as the bell goes.

Round 2
Cullumm comes careening in and eats big Wicky counter left and right hooks. Cullum looks wobbled, but he manages to stuff Wicky into the corner. They grapple in the clinch for some time, but Cullum eventually hits the outside trip. Wicky just stands back up however, and Cullum tries to keep Wicky’s back. Instead, Wicky whips him around to his front and takes the top in guard. Cullum manages to get up and push forward for the TD, but Wicky sits on him in defense. Cullum drives and gets side on Wicky in the corner, landing body knees. Wicky trying to get guard back, but Cullum keeping his head low, landing punches and maintaining side while working to move to mount. Wicky wriggles out of mount, but gives up his back momentarily.

Wicky spins again to turn into Cullum’s guard before both stand up and resume the center of the ring. Wicky counters on a forward pressing Cullum, dropping him to guard. Wicky unleashes two more vicious right hooks from top in guard. Break. Wicky lands a big right counter, and a wobbly Cullum hits a TD on Wicky as he goes for the homerun shot. Wicky reverses into Cullum’s guard and lands big punches. Cullum fights to drive for a TD, eats a Wicky knee and more punches. He has Wicky against the ropes, on his haunches as the bell goes.

Judges Todori, Ohashi, and Miyake all give the nod to Abel Cullum for the unanimous decision.

Mitsuhiro Ishida vs. Daisuke Nakamura
Round 1
Nakamura takes the center, pawing at Ishida, launching a blocked high kick. Nakamura cutting off the ring on Ishida. Ishida launches a low kick, and Nakamura returns it. Ishida throws a one two before shooting in for the takedown. Nakamura concedes, but takes a hold of Ishida’s right arm, looking for the kimura. Ishida pulls it out and drops a few punches and knee to the head. More knees to the head follow, but Nakamura hangs on. Ishida rides off to Nakamura’s side, and Nakamura attempts to stand. Ishida picks him up and drops him for the TD again. Nakamura latches onto Ishida’s right arm again, looking for the Sakuraba-esque kimura from the back clinch. Ishida picks him up to drop him again, but Nakamura remains latched on, alternately punching the side of Ishida’s head. Ishida escapes and takes Nakamura’s back. Nakamura scrambles, but Ishida wrestling prevails, allowing him to stay on top and drop small punches.

Nakamura pulls Ishida into guard and again targets Ishida’s right arm. Nakamura rolls to all fours, and Ishida pulls his arm out, taking Nakamura’s back. Nakamura scrambles and takes Ishida’s back instead now, looking to hit the armbar from the back, but instead slipping off. Nakamura has Ishida’s left arm now, but he gives it up to put him into guard. They stop it momentarily to clean up a cut on Nakamura’s left eyelid. Upon resuming, Ishida transitions from half guard to NS, then to side, dropping knees en route. Nakamura scrambles out and they’re back to their feet. They touch gloves, and Nakamura launches a hi kick. Ishida blocks, and they stop a moment to fix his glove. Nakamura attempts to isolate Ishida’s arm yet again off the TD, but Ishida squirms out of it to stuff Nakamura against the ropes in guard, right as the bell goes.

Round 2
Ishida blocks a body kick, and evades a right straight. Ishida circles, catches a leg, allowing Nakamura to attempt the flying armbar. He doesn’t hit it, but he punches from the bottom while Ishida squirms his way out to pass to half guard. Ishida momentarily passes to mount, but Nakamura puts him right back into half guard, attacking his left arm. Ishida pulls the arm out, but Nakamura reverses and takes Ishida’s back. Ishida snatches a leg however, then captures Nakamura’s back in the clinch. Nakamura gets to his feet and looks for support against the corner, but Ishida sucks him down to all fours, punching to the side of his head while riding off to the right side. Nakamura goes to his back for a moment in half, then scrambles to get to his feet, but Ishida doggedly keeps on him, holding him down. Riding off to the left side, Ishida drops small punches. Nakamura gives up the armlocks to go for a leg lock on Ishida’s right leg at the last ten seconds, but gets nothing.

Judges Miyake, Adachi, and Kobayashi all give the fight to Ishida for the unanimous decision.

Shinya Aoki vs. David Gardner
Round 1
Both fighters are very tentative until Aoki drives for the single. He falls under Gardner as the American stuffs the TD and eats a few punches before squirming out to take his back. Aoki gets the body triangle and threatens with the choke. Gardner fights off the choke by pulling Aoki’s arms away from his neck, locking them down. Aoki attempts to hammer the back/side of Gardner’s head to soften him up. Gardner sends back a punch or two just to show he’s still in the fight. In a sitting position, Gardner attempts to punch Aoki’s face behind him, while Aoki punches to the side of the American’s head. Aoki releases the body triangle, allowing Gardner to turn into his guard. Aoki works to get the triangle but Garnder pulls out and runs to the opposite end of the ring. Back standing, Aoki gets the bodylock TD to take Gardner’s back again. Gardner motions to his corner or the ref for something leaving himself momentarily undefended, and Aoki immediately slips in his arm captures the rear-naked choke for the tap. Gardner doesn’t seem particularly bothered by the finish. Apparently, Gardner’s wave was meant in jest: while attempting to ham it up in the ring, saying, “hi Japan!,” Aoki saw the opportunity to punish his lack of seriousness with a rear naked choke. The official time is 5:58 of the first.

Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Ross Ebanez
Round 1
Ebanez starts off with a yellow card, right off the bat, for not making weight yesterday. Kawajiri gets off an inside leg kick, misses the next. Kawajiri ducks under a one two, hits a jab to the body. Ebanez launches a flying knee and Kawajiri gets under it and takes him down in the corner. Ebanez ties up his hands to minimize punches. The ref repositions the fight in the center, and Ebanez scrambles to his feet after eating a few punches. They clinch against the ropes, and Kawajiri gets the trip takedown to land in half guard. Kawajiri passes to mount and punches to the side of Ebanez’s head, alternately striking down with his right shoulder. Ebanez gives up is back, and Kawajiri replies with a choke attempt. Ebanez pulls at Kawajiri’s hands, but Kawajiri resets and sinks it for the tap at 4:03.

Kawajiri's post fight comments has the Crusher requesting a showdown with Gesias "JZ" Calvancante in a May Dream card to determine the number one contender to Joachim Hansen's LW title.

Yoshiro Maeda vs. Micah Miller
Round 1
Miller sporting the long black Under Armor spats, surprisingly. Miller eating low kicks, looking for the right distance on his long punches. Miller rushes Maeda into the corner and as Maeda defends and shoots for the TD, the two tumble out of the ropes. After resetting at the center, Miller gets off a knee in the plum, but Maeda escapes and lands a punch to the body followed by a low kick. Maeda gets the takedown from the body lock, whipping Miller around and down to his back, landing in guard. Miller pulls his leg up into rubber guard, but loses is soon after. Maeda punches at Miller’s side before attempting to pass. Miller attempts an omoplata, but Maeda pulls the arm out and passes to side. Referee Daisuke Noguchi resets them in the center of the ring, and Miller recovers half guard. Maeda drops two punches while postured up, but bellies down and settles for dropping small punches.

Maeda attempting to posture up and punch again, but Miller keeps him off balance, going again for the half guard. Miller turns it into a very high guard and boxes the sides of Meada’s head. Maeda lands several knees to Miller’s tailbone. Maeda attempts to pick Miller up for a slam, but he doesn’t get very far before dropping him back to the mat. Miller continues with small, harrying punches to the right side of Maeda’s head until ref Noguchi breaks them up. Both Miller and Maeda receive a yellow card for stalling.

Maeda hits the takedown, and Miller attacks Maeda’s right arm for the kimura attempt. Maeda hangs on until Miller gives it up and goes back to rubber guard. Miller sets up the omaplata, but before he can sit up, Maeda begins bucking, threatening with knees to the head before pulling the arm free. Maeda on top in half, dropping punches to Miller’s face. Miller gets to his side and begins attacking Maeda’s right foot with the Achilles lock. Maeda attempts to punch him off, and Miller returns fire from the bottom. Miller sits up and reverses, getting top in side mount. Before he can launch a knee to Maeda’s face, the bell sounds.

Round 2
Maeda catches a low kick, and Miller chases him down with long punches, but Maeda slips most of them. Miller stumbles while pressing forward, but is back to his feet quickly. Maeda hits the TD and lands in Miller’s guard. Ref Noguchi resets the fight at the center of the ring, and upon resuming, Miller goes back to the rubber guard, then high guard. Miller traps Maeda’s right arm for the omaplata, but Maeda stands right up out of it. Break. Maeda presses Miller against the ropes, and they are broken up again. Miller steams in, gets a good one two and knee before disengaging. They clinch again and Maeda hits a right knee to Miller’s cheek. Break. Miller presses in again with punches, looking for more knees in the plum. Maeda tries to bat Miller away with his own punches, but Miller continues to push forward. Maeda gets the TD in defense and drives a sitting Miller into a corner. Miller apparently wriggling to take Maeda’s back in the last minute, but Maeda keeps his place in guard, dropping a few punches. Miller locks up Maeda’s left arm for the armbar in the final ten, and Maeda hangs on, dropping a knee to Miller’s rear end as the bell rings. Judges Ohashi, Adachi, and Kobayashi unanimously give the bout to Yoshiro Maeda.

Hiroyuki Takaya vs. Jong Won Kim
Round 1
Takaya scores the first low kick. Kim’s left shoulder is heavily taped up. Takaya testing with more low kicks, just out of range of Kim’s counter left hook. Takaya lunges with another, but Kim circles his way out of most of the kicks, ducking under Takaya’s winging punches as well. Takaya trying to walk Kim into the corner and Kim responds with a one-two. Takaya lunges with a left hook, grazes. Kim scores with two hooks, and Takya gives him a hard low kick in response. Kim stutters forward, and Takaya backpedals. The referee admonishes Kim to be more aggressive. Kim putting up a surprisingly good fight on the feet, attacking to Takaya’s body as well. Takaya is largely being frustrated with his punches, and so resorts to more low kicks. Kim catches one and runs Takaya down into the ropes.

Kim attempts to suck Takaya down to his back, but the Streetfight Bancho uses the ring post as a support for his back. Kim still working hard to put Takaya on his back, but Takaya sucks his knees underneath him and resolutely keeps his back pressed to the post. Kim lands a knee to Takaya’s right flank before a break is called. Takaya lands a low kick, then another. Kim pumping his left, hits a left hook, then eats a Takya low kick. Takaya’s hooks begin finding their home on Kim however. Takaya lands two more low kicks, then a left hook, right straight. Kim catches a low kick and trips Takaya.

Takaya fights the takedown against the ropes, trying to pry the Korean off of him. Break. Kim ducks under a big Takaya left hook, but eats a few hooks (blocked), and another hard low kick. With the Korean’s defense slowly crumbling, Takaya presses in with more low kicks and combinations. Takaya scores a right, left uppercut at the end of the round.

Round 2
Takaya lands a low kick and a left hook. Kim pumps his jab in return, but is backpedalling under Takaya’s forward pressure. Takaya lands a crisp right straight and Kim drops and covers up. Takaya pounds away with four more punches for before referee Kenichi Serizawa called the TKO stoppage at 40 seconds of the second.

Masakazu Imanari vs. Atsushi Yamamoto
Round 1
They touch gloves and Imanari stands still at the center of the ring, waiting for Yamamoto to make the first move. Imanari begins walking sideways, then turns his right side to Yamamoto. Imanari gets off two kicks to the body before he is floored by a right straight from Yamamoto. Yamamoto dives into Imanari’s guard and is instantly tied up. Imanari controls posture by holding Yamamoto’s head as Yamamoto tries to swing hooks around. Imanari locks up the rubber guard, tying Yamamoto up in a pretzel of legs. Yamamoto punches at Imanari’s hip with his free (right) hand.

Ref Noguchi resets the bout in the center of the ring. Imanari punching from bottom a bit while working on Yamamoto’s left arm. Imanari goes normal open guard for a moment before trying again with the rubber guard. Back to normal guard as Yamamoto squirms his head out. Break. Yamamoto hits another right straight, but pulls back, knowing Imanari isn’t really stunned. Imanari is back on his feet, eating low kicks, and dancing on the outside, waving his arms around. Imanari lands a body kick and Yamamoto lands a low kick. Imanari drops for a scissors, but instead gives up the bottom in guard to Yamamoto.

They reposition at the center, and Imanari threatens with an omaplata, and Yamamoto scrambles. Imanari almost catches the leg, but Yamamoto surges out of the attempt, allowing Imanari to reverse and take top in half. Imanari lands a few body knees before working knee on belly. Yamamoto scrambles, and Imanari switches to an armbar on Yamamoto’s left arm. Yamamoto stacks Imanari and frees the arm, reversing his way into Imanari’s guard. Yamamoto punching to the head and body from guard as Imanari hangs on. Imanari tries to lock up Yamamoto’s left arm again with his right leg, but Yamamoto dives under the leg, freeing it up. Bell. Note: Yamamoto was warned with a yellow card in the first round for stalling.

Round 2
They touch gloves and Yamamoto walks Imanari down against the ropes. Imanari falls for a leg, but Yamamoto jumps back. Imanari gets to his feet and eats a low kick. Imanari lunges with a right, and goes for the TD, but Yamamoto stuffs it and lands on top in guard. Yamamoto peppering with punches to the side of the head. Imanari boxes Yamamoto’s ears before ref Noguchi calls the break. Imanari is penalized with the yellow card for stalling now. Imanari is playing around now, making odd gestures and motions with his arms, baiting Yamamoto.

Yamamoto doesn’t bite, continuing his low kick assault. Aoki is screaming for Imanari to circle from the corner. Imanari is still lackadaisically sticking to the outside, not really going for strikes or TD attempts. Imanari gets off a few low kicks of his own before shooting for a TD he doesn’t intend to finish. Yamamoto naturally stuffs it and lands in guard. Imanari trying to work the rubber guard again, buy Yamamoto pulls out and stands it up. Imanari shoots again, and again gives up guard. Yamamoto drops a few punches and Imanari futilely tries once more for the rubber guard at the bell.

Judges Kobayashi and Miyake give the bout to Imanari, while the only sensible judge, Ohashi, gives the nod to Yamamoto.
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