Dream 8 Live Play-by-Play

Apr 5, 2009
Sherdog.com reports from the Nippon Gaishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan, with live play-by-play of Dream 8, which is headlined by Shinya Aoki vs. Hayato Sakurai.

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Tonight's action will be overseen by referees Yuji Shimada, Daisuke Noguchi, Samio Kimura and Moritaka Oshiro.

Judges will include Matt Hume, Kaoru Todori, Gen Isono, Hikaru Adachi, and Yasushi Miyake.

Katsuyori Shibata vs. Ikuhisa Minowa
Round 1
Both men pawing at each other at the center. Minowa lunges and lands two big hooks, and Shibata returns the favor. Shibata gets belted into the ropes and Minowa pursues him to the floor, taking top in half guard. Minowa tries for a kimura on top, and Shibata reaches for his shorts to defend – there's not much there to grab, however. Shibata gets in a leg to try and sweep Minowa with an elevator, but Minowa keeps on top. Minowa forces himself back into half guard before trying again to pass. Minowa taking his time in attempting to pass while Shibata busies himself with the project of sweeping. Shibata punching from the bottom before referee Yuji Shimada calls a break.

The southpaw Shibata eats a Minowa low kick. Minowa swings a hook and misses. They stand across from each other, tense in measuring and waiting to see who will move first. Shimada yells for them to fight and Minowa charges in with punches and misses. Minowa catches a Shibata kick and takes him down and they both fall into looking for footlocks. Minowa has an achilles lock and is wrenching it back while Shibata looks to lock up a heel hook. They spin and Minowa loses a foot. Minowa sits up and eats an upkick before diving toward Shibata, capturing side mount. Minowa defends knees from Shibata on the bottom, looking to drop some grazing knees to the head of his own. Minowa dropping punches from top in side while Shibata punches from the bottom.

Round 2
Minowa goes for a double, but Shibata evades. In the scramble, Shibata lands a few punches and a knee, but slips and lands on bottom, throwing up his legs for a sub, but giving it up for guard. Minowa stays in close, dropping punches to the sides of Minowa's head. Break. Shibata gets a yellow card for stalling. Minowa drives Shibata into the ropes as Shibata sprawls. Shibata turns the sprawl into a clinch to land some knees to the face. Shibata puts Minowa against the ropes and lands some hard knees to the gut. Shibata belting Minowa in the face with punches as well, but he's hanging in there. Shibata takes Minowa's back and jumps on it, pounding the sides of his head. Minowa is hanging in there, but Shimada is screaming the question of if he's ready to give up. Zombie Minowa spins into Shibata's guard and throws a few punches from top before standing up. Shimada breaks them and it's Shibata this time that shoots in, turning it into a German suplex before taking Minowa's back just before the bell.

Dream does not use the 10-point must system. Fights will be scored by Sherdog.com as a whole to reflect the promotion's official scoring.

Jordan Breen scores the fight for: Katsuyori Shibata
Tony Loiseleur scores the fight for: Katsuyori Shibata
Mike Fridley scores the fight for: Katsuyori Shibata

Judges Isono, Adachi, and Hume all score the bout for Shibata, who takes the unanimous decision.

Shungo Oyama vs. Andrews Nakahara
Round 1
Oyama is hunting Nakahara down, but eats low kicks for his trouble. Nakahara right lands on Oyama's face followed by another low kick. Nakahara is letting Oyama chase him about, but he's the only one racking up offense. Oyama attempts a spinning back hand that Nakahara blocks. Nakahara throws a hard body kick and Oyama chases Nakahara into a corner before falling to grab a leg. Nakahara scrambles away. Nakahara stops himself from kicking Oyama in the head as he stands up, but he does smack him with a quick right that dazes Oyama. He lunges to finish and referee Samio Kimura jumps in for the save at the two-minute mark. Oyama also smashed his face into the mat going for the leg, and thus the right hand was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro vs. Katsuhiko Nagata
Round 1
Nagata gets off a bunch of low kicks on Ribeiro. Shaolin continues to circle and defend looking for his opportunity. He drops for a double, but gets sprawled on and pancaked. Nagata takes top in side and drops punches to the top of Ribeiro's head. Shaolin works his way out from bottom, aiming to take the back, but instead settling to take the top in side as Nagata scrambles. Nagata moves into the corner as Ribeiro slides his way into a mount. Referee Daisuke Noguchi repositions them twice, putting them in the center, but Nagata's squirming seems to have him gravitating toward the ropes. From side, Ribeiro sticks in close, dropping the occasional punch.

Shaolin once again uses his superlative jiujitsu skills to seamlessly move his way into mount. Noguchi repositions them in the center again, and Ribeiro postures a bit to drop a few punches, but Nagata reaches up stay in close and minimize the distance. Nagata's squirming gets him half guard for a second before Shaolin passes to side, and then mount again. Shaolin switching to side, knee on belly, back to mount, running a positional train on Nagata while dropping the occasional punch. This goes on for about two minutes until Shaolin takes side, where he drops a few hammer fists and some knees to the side of Nagata's head, opening up a cut that bleeds profusely. Noguchi immediately calls the bout at the 7:58 mark.

Murilo "Ninja" Rua vs. Riki Fukuda
Round 1
Fukuda the agressor, landing a low kick on Ninja. Ninja firing back with his own kicks. Riki scores with a one two and a low kick, chasing Ninja into a corner. Fukuda lands a big right straight, and more low kicks. Ninja misses a middle kick, and Fukuda shows him how it's done by scoring with one. Ninja seems to have had enough and so charges in to pres Fukuda into the ropes in the clinch. Rua goes for a trip takedown, but bungles it, and so Fukuda lands on top. Fukuda stands, looking drop bombs. Ninja fights to his feet and Fukuda hits him with two lead right hooks. Fukuda is in close, scoring with short hard hooks, and Rua sucks Fukuda into the clinch, but Riki bullies him into the corner. Fukuda defends a takedown and pounds on Ninja, who attempts an armbar/triangle from bottom. Fukuda defends, but Ninja goes for a foot next. Fukuda defends that and Ninja gets to his feet. Rua drops for a takedown, and Fukuda defends, giving up his back in the clinch however.

Ninja punching up and around at Fukuda's face. Fukuda spins around and defends another takedown attempt. Referee Serizawa jumps in to have a cut over the inside of the right eye of Fukuda checked. Ninja misses a high kick, but grazes with punches. Fukuda returns with a few punches of his own before giving up the single leg takedown. Ninja takes top in half, and passes to side. Ninja dropping knees and punches as Fukuda scrambles and covers up. Fukuda gives up his back momentarily, allowing Ninja to ride and punch. Fukuda reverses and takes top for a moment before standing up. Serizawa calls another temporary stop to check Fukuda's cut. Ninja charges in with punches, and Fukuda swipes with a big right. Ninja clinches up for a moment, but they disengage and Fukuda boxes Ninja up a bit before Rua returns with a hard body kick. Fukuda shoots, gets pancaked. Fukuda is gassed, sucking down wind in big gulps, his arms low, leaving him open for big right hands and body kicks from Rua. Ninja and Fukuda continue to swat at each other with Rua getting the better of the exchanges until the bell.

Round 2
They touch gloves for the final round and trade a Fukuda right hand for a Ninja low kick. Ninja continues with the low kicks to the southpaw Fukuda's leading right leg. Fukuda chases and circles, but he doesn't see his opening, and so can't really score. After two minutes or so of this, Fukuda lunges with a big left straight. More low kicks from Ninja, while Fukuda waits and paces himself, looking for the big single or one two. Ninja clinches up with Fukuda against the ropes. Fukuda extricates himself and they go back to Ninja scoring with more low kicks while Fukuda looks for his breakthrough punch. Ninja scores with some punches, but Fukuda unleashes with his own, knocking Ninja silly for a moment. Ninja regains his senses and pulls Fukuda into a guillotine on the feet. Fukuda pulls his head out, but with 10 seconds left, there's nothing either man can do to seal the deal. Despite moments of brilliance for Fukuda, he could not seal the deal in the end.

Jordan Breen scores the fight for: Riki Fukuda
Tony Loiseleur scores the fight for: Murilo Rua
Mike Fridley scores the fight for: Riki Fukuda

Judges Hume, Adachi and Todori score the bout for Riki Fukuda.

Sergei Kharitonov vs. Jeff Monson
Round 1
Monson goes for the takedown and falls beneath Kharitonov. Kharitonov takes knee on belly momentarily, but Monson gets out and drives into a single leg, taking the Russian down to assume side. Monson passes to north-south, arms locked on Kharitonov's head. Kharitonov slowly goes from just pale to red as he punches in defense. Before long, the punches turn into taps for the north-south choke at 1:42 of the first.

Daiki Hata vs. Hideo Tokoro
Round 1
Hata takes the center and Tokoro paws from the outside, circling. Hata taunts Tokoro from the center, dropping his hands and standing straight up. Tokoro lunges with two punches, and Hata tags Tokoro with a reply. Tokoro returns to circling, and Hata launches a hard middle kick. Hata lands another with a punch following up. Hata with another big kick, but Tokoro times it and lands a punch that makes Hata slip. Hata charges in and they hit the ground, Tokoro throwing up the rubber guard only to give it up for a high guard. Tokoro attempts a leglock, but Hata stands up and out of it. Hata takes hold of Tokoro's leg and kicks his thighs before Shimada calls a break. They call time briefly to fix Hata's glove.

Hata chases Tokoro down, launches a hard kick to the body. Hata stamping his feet in an attempt to fake Tokoro out. Tokoro scores a body punch, then a left jab. Hata gives him a body kick in the exchange. Tokoro lands a left hook. Hata with the high kick, blocked. Tokoro throws his own and grazes. Hata body kick, but he eats a Tokoro punch. Tokoro grazes with a flying knee. Hata fakes a spinning backfist and the clinch up. Hata gets it to the ground, but stands up. Tokoro kicks at Hata's legs before Shimada calls the break. Tokoro scores a hard punch but as he closes to followup, Hata hits him back with a big punch of his own that puts him on his rear end. Hata follows him down, but they are broken up again. Tokoro charges in and in the corner, they clinch up and fight for the leg trip. Break. Hata chases with punches, and Tokoro retreats. Tokoro dives for the single and drives Hata about the ring, but Hata is able to defend the takedown, sprawling on a flattened Tokoro. Tokoro gives it up to look for a sub, but before he can grasp anything, Hata pulls out. Break. Hata unleashes on Tokoro after he misses a flying knee and drops him momentarily, but Tokoro holds on, grabbing for a leg. Tokoro drops a few more punches and some knees until the bell.

Round 2
After a grazing left high kick, Hata and Tokoro clinch. Hata picks Tokoro up from the back clinch and drops him, but Tokoro gets back to his feet. Hata drags him down to the mat and rides off to the side. Tokoro goes to his back to look for subs, and he eats wild Hata punches. Hata doesn't pull back and stand up out of guard this time, dropping more and more punches on Tokoro. Hata eventually tires and stands however, and Shimada breaks them. Tokoro charges in with a big flurry, and Hata blocks them all. Tokoro drops for a single and drives Hata into the corner. A cut under Hata's right eye calls for a momentary stop to get it cleaned up. Shimada has them resume the same position in the corner, but Hata defends the leg. Tokoro clinches up and pulls guard and so Hata resumes with ground and pound. Hata eats some Tokoro up kicks, and they scramble to their feet. Tokoro doesn't pull guard, but falls to his back in the clinch and eats more punches. Tokoro continues to eat the shots until the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the fight for: Daiki Hata
Tony Loiseleur scores the fight for: Daiki Hata
Mike Fridley scores the fight for: Daiki Hata

Judges Miyake, Hume and Isono, all agree and award Daiki Hata the unanimous decision.

Andre Galvao vs. John Alessio
Round 1
Alessio snaps off a jab, then a one two. Galvao gets a low kick in, misses a tight left hook. Galvao jab, grazing high kick. Alessio pumps two jabs into Galvao's face. Galvao drops for a leg, but he's too far out. Alessio isn't able to follow him down, as Galvao pops back to his feet. Alessio gets off a body kick, blocks a Galvao high kick. Alessio foils another Galvao takedown and Galvao latches onto Alessio's leg, pulling them in and controlling his feet in an attempt to roll him over. Alessio gets to the feet but gives up his back in the clinch, eating Galvao knees to the rear and legs. Alessio looks to be setting up the Sakuraba style Kimura, and Galvao attempts to whip him to the mat. Alessio grabs the ropes, causing a swarm of refs to close in on him. Galvao takes him down soon after anyway and crawls onto his back.

Alessio tries to control Galvao's hands to fend off the choke. Galvao pounds hammers to the side of Galvao's head and Alession covers up, but the punches are still quite hard. Alessio lurches forward, covering up as Galvao works the other side of his head with hooks now. It's not a good idea, since Galvao then has distance to throw hard. The alternative however is for him to lean back, allowing Galvao to try again for the choke, and so he does as Alessio leans back. Galvao switches to the armbar from the back, and Alessio stacks him, throwing a knee to the side of the head. Galvao flops to his side and continues to wrench, capturing Alessio's closest leg in order to stop the knees. Alessio awkwardly tries to knee with his far, free leg. Alessio attempts to run by flipping over Galvao, but the ropes foil him, sending him back and giving Galvao the chance to stretch out the arm for the tap at 7:34.

Seichi Ikemoto vs. Marius Zaromskis
Round 1
Zaromskis attempts a flying, spinning back kick that Ikemoto catches and uses to take him down. He delivers a few punches, but Zaromskis fights to his feet and stuffs Ikemoto into the corner. Referee Oshiro breaks them up. At the center, they trade kicks, and Ikemoto chases Zaromskis down with two double handed punches—the first a double handed punch, the second an axe handle swing. They don't really do much, and so Ikemoto chases him down with punches until getting the bodylock to whip Zaromskis down to the ground. Ikemoto is in half, striking down with small punches and his shoulder. Zaromskis powers back to his feet however. Both men miss with kicks. Zaromskis tags Ikemoto with a high kick, then a big left straight that floors him. Ikemoto stands back up, looking more like he slipped. Ikemoto delivering a push kick and a knee to the body. Zaromskis misses two big hooks and falls after throwing a grazing high kick. Ikemoto counters with singles. Zaromskis whips Ikemoto down from the body lock, but stands back up soon after to let Ikemoto back up.

Ikemoto smacks Zaromskis with three knees, one of which flew into his face. Ikemoto tries the axe handle again, but Zaromskis shakes it off and circles. Ikemoto throws the spinning back hand, and is blocked. Ikemoto drops his hands to bait Zaromskis forward, and Zaromskis drops his hands two before slamming two big low kicks into Ikemoto's legs. Ikemoto pecking at Zaromskis with that push kick before launching a body kick. Ikemoto fires a missed side kick as well. Ikemoto lands a stiff right straight, misses the follow up body kick. Zaromskis gets off a hard inside low kick, followed by a body and high kick, alternating legs. Both men taking potshots at each other with punches. Ikemoto launches more body kicks, but they're blocked. Zaromskis responds with punches and low or body kick combinations. Zaromskis hurts Ikemoto with the high kick, but the Japanese fighter hangs in there. Zaromskis walks him down with more punches and knees in close, and Ikemoto returns fire whenever he can with single punches. Zaromskis captures Ikemoto's back in the clinch at the last second, just before the bell.

Round 2
With the bout now more or less a kickboxing match, the two clash at the center. Ikemoto goes for the takedown, but Zaromskis fights him off and puts Ikemoto on his back. Zaromskis attempts a sommersault double knee onto Ikemoto to raucous applause, but of course, it misses, and Ikemoto gets back to his feet. Ikemoto pursues Zaromskis, eventually hitting a double leg takedown that has him driving Zaromskis all around the center of the ring. From top in half, Ikemoto looks for purchase to punch. Zaromskis recovers full guard, but lets Ikemoto posture to drop punches. They get to their feet and Zaromskis lands a hard one two, followed by more punches, prompting Ikemoto to shoot. Zaromskis foils it and sprawls, kneeing Ikemoto to the head. Ikemoto gets back up and Zaromskis starts walking him him down with huge shots until he has him in the corner, launching with huge knees in the plum. As the bell goes, Ikemoto drops to all fours.

Jordan Breen scores the fight for: Marius Zaromskis
Tony Loiseleur scores the fight for: Marius Zaromskis
Mike Fridley scores the fight for: Marius Zaromskis

Official judges Isono, Hume, and Miyake all agree and hand Zaromskis the unanimous nod.

Yuya Shirai vs. Jason High
Round 1
They touch gloves and High sparks Shirai with several hard left hooks after a missed right uppercut, sending him to the mat. High rides on Shirai, punching to soften him up before locking on the rear naked choke. Shirai throws a few punches before going out cold. Referee Kenichi Serizawa jumps in for the save at 59 seconds of the first period.

Shinya Aoki vs. Hayato "Mach" Sakurai
Round 1
Sakurai comes lunging in to knock Aoki's block off and Aoki ducks down to take him down to the floor. Sakurai simply powers himself out and knees Aoki in the face twice. Aoki melts and goes out in the ropes. Sakurai pounds away on a sleeping Aoki, and referee Daisuke Noguchi steps in to for the save at a meager 27 seconds.
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