Fabricio Werdum Removed from UFC’s Spanish-Speaking TV Broadcasts

By Mike Sloan Oct 28, 2016

On Tuesday, former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum took to social media to protest the Reebok deal that the apparel company has with the UFC and stated that he prefers Nike, Reebok’s biggest rival.

In a post on his official Instagram page, Werdum wrote, “I’m not generic, I’m Nike since childhood,” and used Spanish hashtags that translated to #suck #myballs #reebok.

As expected, the UFC brass and Reebok were not happy with their fighter’s move and have since punished him. On Friday, Werdum revealed he has been removed from all of his television duties as a commentator and analyst for the UFC’s Spanish-speaking broadcasts.

“I just want to make everything clear about my post of Nike and Reebok,” he wrote on his Instagram page. “I did this to protest about the sponsorship. Before Rebook got into UFC, all the fighters use to do a lot of money with other sponsors, including me, and now they paying me only $5,000 per fight. I didn't get penalized because I have to contract with them, but they cut me out of the TV broadcast #UFCnetwork.”

The former heavyweight champion will return to action on Dec. 30 when he faces Cain Velasquez in a rematch at UFC 207 in Las Vegas.

Não sou genérico, sou @nike desde criancinha! #chupa #mishuevos #reebok

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