Fighting Again, Norman Parke Aims to Stay Active

By Cole Shelton May 16, 2019

Earlier in 2019, Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran Norman Parke announced his short-lived retirement from MMA only to compete at KSW 47 in March, and will return at KSW 49 in May.

The 32-year-old from Northern Ireland regrets saying he was done with the sport, as he still has the drive and passion to compete.

"That was just kind of a heat of the moment thing. There were things I wasn't happy with in terms of how the game was going," Parke said to "Maybe I was just at a bad place at the time. I think it is in my blood. Fighting is in my blood. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. Fighting keeps me sane. I need to keep training to stay on track."

At KSW 49, Parke is set to take on Artur Sowinski in a 163-pound clash. Although "Stormin" upset former welterweight champ Borys Mankowski in his last time out, this fight is just about keeping busy.

"The fight was more to stay active. I said to KSW I wanted to stay active this year. Last year I had only a few fights and they were close together and then I never had anything for nine months," he explained. "I want to stay active. So this is who they got me to fight. I'm not looking past, I'm just going in there and fighting my fight. My last few fights have been pretty good, especially entertainment wise."

Ultimately, Parke is more than confident he will get the win on Saturday and move forward in the division.

"I am the favorite without a doubt. I'm not playing in that too much. Just get in there and figure him out," he said. "He sees me a big name for him to build off. I'm going to fight my fight, push the pace and bring the fight to me. Just be stronger everywhere. He is wild with punches so that is what I have to watch out for."


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