Full Metal Dojo’s Fight Circus 5 on Dec. 17 to Feature ’12 Fights of Christmas’

The circus will be in town the week before Christmas, and it will bring with it several presents of violence and comedy.

The Thailand-based fight league Full Metal Dojo will be staging its fifth “Fight Circus” event on Dec. 17 at the Illuzion Nightclub in Phuket. Per the league’s press release, FMD will be putting on the “12 Fights of Christmas,” although not every “fight” may be a combat sports bout. The event follows its recent “Fight Circus Vol. 4” card in November, where the organization suffered a lengthy delay at the beginning of the broadcast when the truck carrying its ring flipped over and the company had to build a new one on fight night. It is unclear at this time if “Fight Circus 5: Hanukkah Gone Wrongukkah, an Homage to Scrooged” will air on Fite.tv or another platform.

“Will be a Christmas Fight Show like none other,” the release wrote. “Seriously! Have you seen what the heck we’re doing?? Well now we’re going to do All the Weird stuff. Only with More Epic Holiday Spirit!! And good cheer. Think about it? Can Santa actually Beat up 2 Elves. At Illuzions on Phuket, the Original Fight Island, with a super cool exclusive Christmas Party. We’ll find out!”

Each match will feature a differing set of rules, ranging from body builders duking it out under modified boxing rules, people throwing down inside of a phone booth and even a contest where the rules change round to round. The order of the billing is not yet set, as to which fight will serve as the main event, but it is expected that the “MMAsymmetrical” bout will be the final fight on the card – especially if one competitor is dressed as Santa Claus while his or her opponents are dressed as Christmas elves.

As mentioned above, some encounters may be of the non-combat variety, such as a karaoke battle involving Christmas carols, a chef vs. chef affair that could involve cooking instead of punching, and the fan-favorite event of leg wrestling. The majority of the “12 Fights of Christmas” will see combatants duke it out for various prizes ranging from giant checks to axes to marijuana paraphernalia, and even unique paintings.

Some of the debuting contests vary from a tag-team slap fight made up of Only Fans models, or body builders boxing. Other past favorites from previous Fight Circus shows, like “Siamese Kickboxing” of two kickboxers taped together fighting two other kickboxers also taped up, or “Foot in the Tire Boxing” that forces both fighters to keep one foot within the confines of a tire while throwing down, will be on the lineup.

The organization also put together a unique style of combat called “Wheel of Violence,” which at its inception had various individuals spin a wheel that contained six different styles of fighting, and the one it lands on is the ruleset of that round. Those styles at Fight Circus 4 included: five minutes of MMA competition, three minutes of muay thai, two minutes of spinning strikes only, 90 seconds of kicking only, 90 seconds of punching only and 90 seconds of the aforementioned “Foot in the Tire Boxing.” It is uncertain whether Bob Sapp will be involved in this production, as he has participated in previous shows.
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