Geoff Neal Wants Ranked Opponent Next After UFC 240 Win

By Cole Shelton Aug 8, 2019

Newly ranked Geoff Neal is now 4-0 in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and is coming off of a TKO win over Niko Price at UFC 240.

For "Handz of Steel," it was not the way he expected to win the fight, as he expected it to remain standing, but is glad he was the one who got his hand raised.

"I wanted to keep to standing. The pride in me wanted to keep it standing and my coaches told me not to brawl. Once I seen him swinging back, I was like 'oh sh*t this is exactly what [Fortis MMA head coach] Sayif [Saud] told me not to do.' I backed off and stopped brawling," Neal said. "I mean, I'm mad I had to do it this early. I wanted to have that in my back pocket for later on in my career and surprise some people. Now, that the cat is out of the bag that I will wrestle if I have to."

Now, with the win, Neal believes he should be fighting someone with a number beside his name. Yet, he has no specific name in mind, as long as they are ranked.

"I don't want to fight anyone behind me. I'm in the rankings and deserve to fight someone in the rankings," he explained. "There is no one in particular I want, just whoever is ranked ahead of me I'll fight. But, I want another one by the end of the year. Three a year is my goal."

All in all, Neal is happy with his performance, and even though he won a "Performance of the Night" bonus, he went right back to serving the following week. After all, during his off-hours, Neal is a waiter, and has plans on opening a restaurant in the future.
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