Glory 21 Results: Live Kickboxing Play-by-Play & Updates

By Mike Sloan May 8, 2015 will offer live Glory 21 play-by-play Friday at 11 p.m. ET.

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Xavier Vigney vs. Maurice Jackson

Round 1

Marcos Rosales if the referee for this heavyweight contest. Jackson immediately comes out with a spinning back kick to the body. He continues to throw kicks but Vigney fires back with punches and kicks. Vigney connects with a straight right hand and then hammers him with a low kick. Jackson is staying in the corner as he is getting tagged. A flurry lands and Jackson turns his back. After “X-Man” lands a few more punches, Jackson crumbles onto his back where he is counted out.

The Official Result

Xavier Vigney def. Maurice Jackson via KO (punches) 1:32, R1

Demoreo Dennis vs. Chi Lewis Parry

Round 1

The referee for this heavyweight showdown is Mark Smith. Dennis, who took this fight on two weeks’ notice, charges right out and lands a hard right hand. Lewis-Parry eats another right and he is rocked. He looks like he’s in danger, but “Super” Demoreo doesn’t continue to attack. He stumbles into the ropes, but Dennis is cautious. Lewis-Parry slinks out to the side and seems to have cleared his head, landing a nice jab. Parry misses with a wild right cross and then clinches. A few knees land on this inside and then he lands a nasty leg kick on the way out. Dennis backs away and then is clobbered by a monstrous right hand. Dennis is flattened in the corner and struggles to get back to his feet, where he is counted out just as he is finally able to stand up.

The Official Result

Chi Lewis-Parry def. Demoreo Dennis via KO (punch) 1:40, R1

Raymond Daniels vs. Justin Baesman

Round 1

Marcos Rosales is the ref for this welterweight showdown. Baesman charges right out at his foe but they don’t connect. Daniels immediately shifts to his right and lands a spinning back kick to the body. Baesman backs away and regroups but he’s ragged again. Daniels misses a right hand but he immediately crushes Baesman’s liver with another textbook spinning back kick. Two seconds later, the delayed reaction forces Baesman to take a knee. He is in agony and barely gets back to his feet, where Rosales ends the fight.

The Official Result

Raymond Daniels def. Justin Baesman via KO (body kick) 0:51, R1

Xavier Vigney vs. Chi Lewis Parry

Round 1

The referee for this heavyweight qualification tournament final is “Big” John McCarthy. They paw with the jab to start the fight until Vigney goes low with the kick. Lewis-Parry is much more cautious compared to his first fight tonight. Vigney lands a nice left hook and then follows it up with a stinging right to the face. Vigney lands another solid right hand, but Lewis-Parry counters with a leg kick. Vigney again with a counter right hand but the slightly taller Brit takes it well. Lewis-Parry unloads an overhand right but it’s mostly blocked. Vigney misses with a right and pays for it by eating a right in return. Nice stiff jab from Lewis-Parry, who follows it up with a right hand. Vigney unloads a hellacious right hand but it misses. Lewis-Parry ends the round with a wild right that misses. 10-9 Vigney.

Round 2

Vigney comes right out with the jab until he takes a kick to the thigh. Right hand by Lewis-Parry is clean, but Vigney takes it with ease. They go toe-to-toe briefly until “X-Man” is stuck with a right hand. Vigney backs away but then quickly goes right back to brawling. The clinch gets ugly where Lewis-Parry tags him after McCarthy tells them to break; he’s sternly warned. They continue where Vigney rocks him with a hard right hand. Vigney is all over Lewis-Parry, who backs himself into a corner. He’s covering up and hurt badly. Vigney unloads a whirlwind of punches until Lewis-Parry finally takes a knee, where McCarthy stops it.

The Official Result

Xavier Vigney def. Chi Lewis-Parry via TKO (punches) 1:50, R2

Artem Levin vs. Simon Marcus

Round 1

The third man in the ring for this Glory middleweight championship scrap is Marcos Rosales. Marcus takes a long to get the center of the ring for the staredown. He finally does and they touch gloves. Once the fight begins, they meet back in the center and paw with the jab. Marcus goes for a short flying knee but it’s blocked. Moments later, Levin digs a ferocious left hook to the liver. Marcus goes to the jab and then clinches. Marcus lands a knee on the inside before clinching again. After separating, Levin just misses with a spinning back fist. The Canadian lands a left to the body and but then eats a jab. “The Lion” goes back to the body and then to the head with the left. Marcus clinches again and again. Levin clinches and Rosales finally warns them. They clinch after missing left hooks and trade knees to the ribs. Close round. 10-9 Levin.

Round 2

Marcus has a body kicked blocked but he is able to land a glancing foot to the face moments later. Levin takes it and pops him with the jab. They clinch but fail to trade knees. Levin just misses with a side kick to the face and then they clinch. They get nasty on the inside with mauling and knees. Levin clinches again and is warned by the ref a second time. Levin pushes a kick to his challenger’s face but it falls short. The Russian catches a kick and then sweeps out the far leg, dropping Marcus onto his back. He’s up and immediately clinches. Now Levin clinches again and Rosales says he’ll take a point away if he continues. Marcus eats a left hand late but fails to tag the champ in retaliation before the bell sounds. 10-9 Levin.

Round 3

Rosales warns Levin of holding before the round starts. Literally. Marcus digs a left shin to the rubs but it’s not hard. Levin is able to crack him with a left hand as Marcus comes in, and then clinches. He clinches again and Rosales calls time. The veteran third man takes a point away from the champ. Levin sticks a nice jab out there a few times but doesn’t follow it up with anything. Marcus misses a left and right, but lands a follow-up right to the face. Levin is backing away, not clinching, allowing Marcus to pepper his leg and body with left kicks. Levin catches his foe’s foot but can’t nail the trip. Levin comes in but Marcus snaps his head back with a right uppercut, forcing a clinch. 10-8 Marcus.

Round 4

Levin looks frustrated in his corner between rounds. Levin lands a low kick after taking a jab to the face. They trade jabs after a few moments of sizing each other up. “The Lion” is able to land a glancing left hook 45 seconds in. He follows it up with a right hand and left hook, but he clinches again. Simon nails him with a kick to the face, but the Siberian is still upright after stumbling back into the corner. Marcus closes the gap, but Levin escapes and quickly clears his head. Artem takes a right on the chin and then taunts his challenger. Levin pops him with a left and then shimmies in front of him, talking trash. Marcus chases him down but can’t get his shots off. Marcus goes back to the leg kick and catches the champ’s foot and trip him down hard onto his back. 10-9 Marcus.

Round 5

The fight likely comes down to this, the final round. Neither man starts the frame with a sense of urgency; they size each other up with pawing jabs in the center of the ring. Marcus tags him with a left hand than backs the champ into the corner, but it’s not a terribly hard punch. Levin stalks him down but he’s not letting his hands or feet go. Marcus is almost tripped when Levin catches hi left foot. Simon misses a right, but he nails him with a right kick to the face. Levin backs up, not hurt, and then lands a short left before clinching. Levin needs to step it up with a minute left. Levin misses a spinning back fist after eating a jab. One-two by the challenger, forcing Levin to clinch. Marcus charges after Levin with ten seconds left until Levin clinches again. Artem digs a right to the gut at the bell. 10-9 Marcus (48-46 Marcus).

The Official Result

Artem Levin draws with Simon Marcus (46-48, 47-47, 47-47) 3:00, R3 to retain his Glory middleweight title


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