Glory Collision 3 Weigh-in Results: Verhoeven-Ben Saddik Trilogy Battle Cleared

By Jay Pettry Oct 22, 2021

A storied kickboxing rivalry that began over a decade ago will see its rubber match play out atop Glory: Collision 3 for heavyweight gold.

On Saturday, Glory Kickboxing will put on a blockbuster pay-per-view offering with heavyweights in the main and co-headlining slots. The marquee matchup pits Rico Verhoeven (58-10, 18 KOs) against Jamal Ben Saddik (36-8, 1 NC; 29 KOs) for all the marbles. All 20 competitors on this kickboxing showcase event successfully made weight ahead of the show.

Since losing a decision to Semmy Schilt at Glory 4 in 2012, Verhoeven has gone on an incredible run inside the Glory ring, winning his next 20 fights with the organization. The champ successfully defended his strap nine times, including once over Ben Saddik in 2017 in an absolute thriller that ended in the fifth frame. Along the way, Verhoeven also entered into a pair of one-night Glory heavyweight tournaments in 2013 and 2021, winning both with style points. The Dutch champion known as the “King of Kickboxing” hit the scales at 267 pounds ahead of the rubber match.

Ben Saddik was not the originally planned foe for Verhoeven, as Verhoeven was booked against Alistair Overeem until Overeem withdrew due to injury. Already slated to compete on the card in a rematch with Benjamin Adegbuyi, Ben Saddik was elevated to the main event spot due to his history with the champion. At an It’s Showtime event in 2011, Ben Saddik forced Verhoeven’s corner to throw in the towel early into the second frame, becoming the first man to finish Verhoeven inside the distance. “Goliath” lived up to his nickname by weighing in at a stout 271.6 pounds for his championship affair.

Glory: Collision 3 will be held inside the Gelredome in Arnhem, Netherlands, on Saturday. The pay-per-view, which can be purchased at the Glory Kickboxing site, will take place at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT/8 p.m. CET. A four-fight preliminary offering that begins at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT/6 p.m. CET can be watched live for free on the Sherdog YouTube page.

Glory “Collision 3” is exclusively available on pay-per-view and can only be purchased online at You can purchase and stream the pay-per-view for €19.99, £17.99 or US$24.99 from anywhere in the world.

Glory Collision 3 Weigh-in Results:

Rico Verhoeven (267) vs. Jamal Ben Saddik (271.6)
Gokhan Saki (239.6) vs. James McSweeney (244.7)
Mohamed Mezouari (168.9) vs. Samuel Dbili (169.3)
Donegi Abena (207) vs. Sergej Maslobojev (208.3)
Benjamin Adegbuyi (261.9) vs. Antonio Plazibat (269.4)
Michael Duut (208.8) vs. John King (208.6)
Alim Nabiyev (169.3) vs. Troy Jones (169.3)
Serhii Adamchuk (143.1) vs. Aleksei Ulianov (142.9)
Matt Baker (186.5) vs. Serkan Ozcaglayan (184.1)
Stoyan Koprivlenski (154.1) vs. Bruno Gazani (154.1)
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