Greg Hardy Brushes off Juan Adams’ Trash Talk: 'I’m Having Too Much Fun to Take This Personally'

By Nathan Zur Jul 18, 2019

Greg Hardy claims he isn’t taking all the recent trash talk from upcoming opponent Juan Adams personally, as he’s having too much fun in his transition from a professional football player to professional mixed martial artist.

Adams has been on a one-man mission to try and unsettle his opponent in the lead-up to their fight by focusing on Hardy’s much publicized domestic violence issues as well as what Adams terms “cherry-picked” opponents to start his career in the UFC.

During fight week, Hardy was interviewed about his opponent’s comments and the “Prince of War” brushed off the comments having an effect on him claiming that he’s enjoying himself too much to worry about them:

“I’m too rich, too pretty, I’m having too much fun to take this personally,” Hardy told MMA Junkie. “I think the only thing that’s going to come out of this is I’m going to prove he’s a stepping stone. We’re going to wipe his name from history, move on, and continue to watch ‘The Prince.’”

Hardy then said his motivation for this weekend will be to pay back his employers and make an example of Adams after comments his opponent made about the promotion:

“I looked him up just a little bit,” Hardy said of Adams. “I saw him complaining about my boss, Dana, and I don’t take that lightly. I saw him talking about the UFC, how they won’t give him this and give him that, and as a person that has come in and earned it, I felt responsible when the bosses sent me. So they sent me, I’m coming to handle it, deal with it, extinguish the problem, and move on.”


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