Imortal FC Announces Punishment for Flyweights Who Continued to Fight After Bout was Paused

By Joao Baptista Jun 5, 2018

Edvaldo de Oliveira defeated former Pride Fighting Championships competitor Wagner da Conceicao Martins by corner stoppage at the end of the first round in the main event of Imortal FC 9 this past weekend in São Luís do Maranhão, Brazil.

But what drew the most attention, unfortunately, was the scene that occurred earlier during a flyweight fight between Joao Elias and Walter Neto Martins. After the referee paused the contest and turned his back to bring a physician in to check a cut on Elias’ face, the combatants continued to throw punches.

Moments later, Martins was able to land a couple head kicks with the referee attempting to hold off both fighters before members of the camps and Imortal FC president Stefano Sartori entered the cage to intervene. As a result, the bout was ruled a no contest.

Sartori recently released a statement on the incident. Both Martins and Elias received an undisclosed financial penalty and will be banned for competing under the Imortal FC banner for one year.

"I would like to apologize in the name of Imortal FC and reiterate that we do not agree with unsportsmanlike attitudes in our events," Sartori said. “Both athletes were disqualified from the fight, received a fitting contractual penalty and also a 12-month hook from any event promoted by Imortal FC.

“Imortal FC 9 was a great success, it already had a participation on our part, both nationally and internationally. I would like to welcome the fans of Maranhão and our partners André Bradar and Maré Alta Comunicações, the people of Silvio and Jota."

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