Jeremy Kennedy Eager for Opportunity to Win PFL's Million Dollar Prize

By Cole Shelton May 20, 2019
After fighting in Brave Combat Federation in 2018, Jeremy Kennedy is excited to fight back in North America and have a chance at a million dollars.

Kennedy, an Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran, will be fighting in the Professional Fighters League's featherweight division and is set for his debut this Thursday. For the Canadian, he is just ready to finally compete in PFL after he tried to last year.

"I have put a lot of work in trying to get in this year and I just want to take full advantage," Kennedy said to "It is life chaining money and even the whole way up to the million you are getting paid well. I'm just excited. I like to stay busy, and it is local now that I'm based out of Las Vegas."

Why he wanted to sign with the PFL is easy. The 26-year-old wanted to fight often, and the million dollar prize money at the end is an added bonus.

"Yeah, you know that is something I have been looking for my whole career," said the fighter. "The UFC tells you out of nowhere, okay you are fighting here now. It is pretty hard to book a whole life, like my whole year. Now in PFL, I know when I will be fighting from now until the finals. The next one is already booked July 25 in Atlantic City. I love it. Five fights a year, sign me up."

Not only will he be fighting for a million dollars, but PFL has plenty of exposure thanks to its television deals. While being on ESPN is cool, the Canadian is more excited about their Canadian deal. "For me, it is a bigger deal to be fighting on TSN," explained Kennedy. "That is where it will be broadcast in Canada, ESPN has a big name, but if you are from Canada everyone knows what TSN is. Anyone can watch it free on TV."

In his debut, Kennedy is set to take on Alexandre Bezerra, who "JBC" believes may be the toughest fight in the entire division for him. "He is a good, tough opponent for my first fight, and I love it," said the 13-1 Canadian. "I get to introduce myself as a top dog in the division. Facing one of the more intimidating guys in the division. My top game and my pressure, submission defense and my athleticism just works really well with that. With my length and reach, I think I will be able to hit him. Overall it is a good matchup for him."

Ultimately, the Canadian is more than confident in his abilities that he will come out on top in this fight. Not only does he believe he will win the fight, but the 26-year-old believes he will win it all come New Year's Eve.

"I'm really confident. It is hard because there are so many things that can happen," stated Kennedy. "It is just so hard to see how things play out, but stylistically I match up well with everyone and there is no reason why I shouldn't win this tournament. There has to be a list of stars aligning for anyone to win the million. Lots of different things that can happen but I believe I am the best fighter in the division."

For Kennedy, winning a million dollars would set him up for his future. "It would be huge because you spend so much of your career making so little. So it would be like paying back all those fights I did in Thailand and the regional scene fights," he explained. "The big thing is I want to invest it back into myself and go for round two again next year. It will not be a ride off in the sunset. That million dollars will set us up, pay off the mortgage."

To do that, it all starts Thursday for Kennedy in his PFL debut at PFL 2: 2019 Regular Season.


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