Johnny Walker Won’t Change Style Following Loss to Corey Anderson

By Nathan Zur Nov 27, 2019

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Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight prospect Johnny Walker went into his fight against Corey Anderson at UFC 244 as a favorite and was touted as a potential title challenger due to his raw athletic ability and flashy skill set.

However, it’s a case of going back to the drawing board for Walker as he was caught on the feet from a flurry of punches from Anderson, who dropped him before finishing the fight on the ground in the opening round.

The 27-year-old Brazilian had gone into the bout wanting to prove a point that he wasn’t just about quick finishes and flashy moves, although his hesitancy ultimately cost him against Anderson.

Walker recently talked with ESPN Brazil and said he doesn’t want to change his style of fighting, especially if it resonates with fans (via ESPN):

“I got a standing ovation with this defeat,” Walker told ESPN Brazil in a recent interview translated from Portuguese. “The crowd applauded me and booed the other guy. So if they seem to like me, why am I supposed to change? I never joked around in a fight, I'm always serious. I like to show the public some energy, I know this is entertainment.”

Walker reiterated that his style won’t change, but one adjustment he’ll make is his approach to the next fight. He said he’ll look to be more aggressive and take risks, instead of hesitating and waiting for his opponent to make the first move.

“Next time, I will do what I did in my last fights [that I won],” Walker said. “I will do my job without waiting; I'll play my game, fight with joy. The winning fighter is the one with the most attitude. I remember I threw a front kick, but I just wanted to see his reaction. I didn't finish the kick. That was one of the things I learned: not hesitating, having confidence. I have to focus more on the psychological part. I have to eliminate what stresses me in the background. I could have knocked him out right there.” Advertisement


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