Jorge Masvidal Dissatisfied With UFC Offers: ‘If I’m Not Worth It Let Me Go’

By Jay Pettry Jun 5, 2020

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Ultimate Fighting Championship star Jorge Masvidal has a bone to pick with the promotion.

Masvidal took to Twitter on Friday, where he expressed his concerns with the offers he has received for future fights. Among his issues are that he might be paid less for his next fight than his 2019 encounter with Nate Diaz for the “BMF” title. He started his short tirade by expressing to ESPN -- and not the UFC directly -- that if the powers that be think he is not “worth it,” he should be let go from his contract.

Masvidal continued, taking issue with the fact that the UFC offered him less money despite him coming off a huge win that likely drew solid numbers for the promotion on pay-per-view.

“Why make me fight for half of what I made on my last fight cause the other dude can’t draw,” he wrote. It is unclear who the opponent or opponents he has been offered, although a few top names in the division include Leon Edwards, Colby Covington and champion Kamaru Usman. As he stated that his opponent does not have drawing power when it comes to pay-per-view buys, it is not likely a rematch against Diaz or a “money fight” against Conor McGregor.

Masvidal was not finished yet. “Don’t tell me about a pandemic when reports today show highest stock market has ever been. Everybody getting back to work and you buying an island. Stop playing us and the fans #theawakening.” According to numerous reports, the stock market is rebounding from losses incurred by the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, UFC President Dana White has spoken recently about how costly “Fight Island” was to create, which should be launching on June 27 according to the UFC head.

Masvidal is currently riding a three-fight knockout streak, including a resounding win over Darren Till, the fastest knockout in UFC history against Ben Askren and his doctor stoppage victory over Diaz. The 35-year-old out of American Top Team knows his value, and explained to fans that he has been taking fights and delivering on them throughout his career. He also spelled out several of his recent accomplishments.

“History lesson for all the new fans that might have just started following my beautiful sport: 16 [years] been at this,” he elaborated. “Never once turned down a fight. Asked to go fight #3 at the time in his hometown across the pond after a year off. KO of the year nominee. Asked to fight #5 at the time and let’s be real didn’t have to fight him. Fastest KO in the history of UFC. [Madison Square Garden] I am asked to fight 3 different guys and I said yes to all three. I fought in backyards and those dudes never disrespected me the way I’m being now.”

Masvidal concluded with a gif from the film “The Dark Knight,” where the Joker said “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.” “Gamebred” is one of a number of popular UFC fighters that have spoken out recently against the UFC’s fighter pay or lack thereof. Former two-division champ Henry Cejudo stepped away from the sport, and said that if he were paid better, he would continue to fight. Additionally, light heavyweight king Jon Jones may have relinquished his title after failed negotiations for a move up to heavyweight. Both fighters were willing to walk away, and by Masvidal’s first post asking for the promotion to “let me go,” he may be willing to do the same.

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