Jorge Masvidal Vows To 'Wipe The Floor' With Leon Edwards, Says Fight Happens on His Terms

By Nathan Zur Aug 12, 2019

2019 has been a good year for Jorge Masvidal, knocking out Darren Till in London in March before putting away Ben Askren in a UFC-record five seconds last month. While Masvidal’s performances this year have been impressive, it’s the potential fight against Britain’s Leon Edwards that has the tongues wagging from MMA fans.

Masvidal and Edwards were involved in an altercation backstage in March in London which started when Edwards made comments towards “Gamebred” while he was in the middle of an interview. The bad blood between the pair has escalated over the months with Edwards calling on the UFC to book a fight between them.

Masvidal has said next to nothing about Edwards since then, preferring to stick to his “McGregor or title shot” mantra. During the UFC’s visit to Uruguay this weekend, however, Masvidal finally responded to being called out by Edwards and the popular 34-year-old didn’t hold back on what he would do when the pair meet in the future (via

“I’m going to kick his ass. It’s not going to be on his terms or whenever the f—k he wants,” Masvidal said. “It will always be on mine and that’s what bothers him so much inside. He’s going to look at this interview or people are going to call him and tell him, you’re a f—king nobody. I run this show.

“You listen to me when I say I’m going to kick your f—king ass, I’ll kick your f—king ass.”

Masvidal said he’s always wanted to fight Edwards but wanted to position himself best to get a title shot before accepting a fight against the Brit:

“I’ve got to get paid now. 16 years I’ve been chasing this dream of getting the belt. You think I’m going to let some f—king bug like this guy even slightly throw me off my road, my destiny towards my greatness, towards the belt?” Masvidal said. “I’m going to get the belt and I’m going to eliminate him off the face of the Earth.

“I’m going to wipe the floor with that guy. It’s going to happen. I swear to you it’s going to happen. It’s just not going to be on his terms.”

Edwards has said in the past that the UFC has offered the fight to Masvidal only for “Gamebred” to turn it down. Masvidal said the time will come for Edwards to get his chance to fight him and warned that he’ll break his face when they come face-to-face:

“I’m going to murder that guy when we fight,” Masvidal said. “He’s a scrub. You are a scrub Leon and you f—king know it and the fight will take place when the f—k I say so.

“So sit there and eat that f—king words. I’m going to break that guy’s face.”


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