Jorge Masvidal Warns Ben Askren Not to Invade His Personal Space; Askren Responds

By Nathan Zur Jun 20, 2019

Jorge Masvidal has warned Ben Askren that he will receive a greeting like the one Leon Edwards received if he invades his personal space in the lead up to their fight next month at UFC 239.

Masvidal attacked Edwards backstage in London back in March after the Brit made some comments while walking by Masvidal, who was being interviewed. Masvidal walked away from the interview, approached Edwards with his hands behind his back and landed some punches which Masvidal famously referred to as a “three piece with a soda” combo.

Masvidal’s next opponent, Askren, is known for his pre-fight antics and in a recent interview on BJ Penn Radio, Masvidal said that Askren should be wary of crossing the line in the lead up to their fight:

“If Ben violates my personal space at any moment to where I feel a threat, yeah, it’s going to happen, the same thing that happened with Leon, if Leon’s across the room and I’m not doing an interview and he’s talking s---, well whatever man, f--- it.

“You’re at a safe distance, but it’s just, people have to understand it’s built into me to go into defense mode if somebody violates my personal space. I don’t know, as well as I can read body language, I really don’t know what somebody’s intentions are. I don’t know if he’s going to come over and be like, ‘boom roasted’ or some corny ass s--- like that or if he’s going to try to double flip me.”

Askren didn’t take long to respond, indicating he’ll do all his talking inside the Octagon when the pair meets next month:

"Don’t worry 15 minutes on July 6 will be more than enough time for me to take care of him," Askren wrote.


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