Jungle Fight 29: ‘Moicano’ Holds Off Santos to Remain Undefeated

By Guilherme Pinheiro Jun 25, 2011
Renato “Moicano” Carneiro (left) upped his record to 5-0 at Jungle Fight 29. | Photo: Gleidson Venga

It wasn't a walk in the park, but unbeaten featherweight prospect Renato “Moicano” Carneiro did enough in the eyes of the judges to keep his unblemished record intact and get his fifth victory in as many outings against veteran Iliarde Sabino Belo dos Santos at Jungle Fight 29.

After a first round which saw Carneiro comfortably keep Santos at bay with his jabs and kicks for most of period, the Constrictor Team product started to have problems early in round two, when Santos started to press forward with lunging punches that kept finding Moicano’s face. After weathering the early storm, Carneiro evened the action with a couple of takedowns that likely stole the second round.

Round three was even worse for the young fighter, who had to backpedal in order to avoid Santos’ power shots. Still, Santos connected with a good number of punches and Moicano had to channel all of his energy to survive the round. In the end, the judges awarded him with a unanimous decision, which was somewhat contested by the local crowd.

“He is very tough. He has more losses than I have fights,” said Carneiro with a tone of relief in his voice. “I came here to show the new generation of MMA. I have been training for only two years, but I´m really putting in the time to be great.”

G. Venga

Gomes (right) beat up “Field.”
In the co-main event of the evening, Neilson Gomes used his hands to put a beating on Julio Cesar “Field” and improve to 7-1 as a mixed martial artist.

Gomes connected with a flurry of punches within the first 30 seconds and that set the tone for the fight, as De Almeida spent the whole round unsuccessfully trying to take the Baiano down.

Not only did Gomes manage to stay on his feet, he was also able to display why Luiz Carlos Dorea is considered the greatest boxing trainer in Brazil, as the Dorea charge repeatedly hit De Almeida with strong punches.

After the first period, the Renovacao Fight Team athlete was dizzy in his corner and informed the referee that he would not come out for the second round, giving Gomes a technical knockout win. De Almeida looked wobbly and had to be helped backstage.

“Jiu-Jitsu is always going to be my art, but I’ve been focusing my training on boxing and muay Thai. I´ve got great sparring partners and I´m going to get that belt.” proclaimed an ecstatic Gomes following the bout.

A scrap between undefeated heavyweights Edinaldo “Lula Molusco” Oliveira and Luiz Guilherme de Andrade ended in an anti-climatic No Contest following an inadvertent eye poke by Oliveira.

The fight began with Oliveira using his big reach advantage to pick the local fighter apart with jabs and kicks and it looked like a finish was near. In the latter part of the round, Oliveira connected with what seemed to be a legal and clean punch to the left eye of de Andrade, who immediately fell down and tapped due to the strike. He alleged that he was poked in the eye and couldn’t continue. The referee confirmed that it was an eye poke and chose to call the fight a No Contest. Replays of the scene were inconclusive.

G. Venga

De Andrade (left) couldn't go on.
“I can't see from my left eye, but I was surprised they ruled it a No Contest,” said De Andrade.

In other action, local fighter Willians Santos managed to beat Argentine Emiliano Sordi by unanimous decision in a slow contest. Despite being the smaller fighter, Santos got takedowns and controlled Sordi for the whole duration of the fight, who had little to offer from his back.

The night’s only knockout came from the hands of Espirito Santo resident Gabriel Moraes, who quickly connected with a huge left hook and followed Magno Magoo to the ground to finish the deed. Moreas did so by landing four more punches before referee Douglas Ayres decided to intervene and save the the Nova
representative at the 0:36 mark of the opening stanza.

41-year old Gilmar “Samurai” de Andrade completely dominated Claudinei de Souza in the first round of their middleweight clash. He was able to knock de Souza down and plant him to ground with a beautiful slam. De Souza was in no condition to continue into the second round and the duel was halted in between periods.

In the opening bout of the evening that set the stage for five-minute even stoppages, Douglas Bertazini blitzed Cleiton Prisco right out of the gate, connecting with big punches and knocking his prey down twice in the process. After taking so much abuse in the first five minutes, Prisco was unable to continue.

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