Khama Worthy Wants Bettors Who Won Money on Him to Donate Percentage to Charity

By Cole Shelton Aug 28, 2019
Khama Worthy was the biggest underdog at UFC 241 and shocked many when he knocked out Devonte Smith in the first round.

Worthy himself was not surprised, and he knew when he landed the shot it was all over.

Since the win, Worthy says he has received hundreds of text messages and calls from family and friends saying they bet on him and telling him how much he made. Now, “The Deathstar” wants bettors to donate a percentage of the money they won to charity or give food to homeless shelters to help out.

“People made mad money off me. In Pittsburgh, everyone was betting, like my friends were betting two grand on me,” Worthy said to “A lot of people made some stupid amount of money. I’ve had texts saying they won thousands of dollars.

“I am going to pick a charity and tell people if they made a certain amount of money donate like five percent or however much they feel to this charity,” he continued. “I don’t need the money, and I think I can do something to help people in need. I am big on homeless people and want to help them. Just tell people to donate money or food or shelters. To all my fans, please donate if you won money off me.”

Worthy wants to use his platform in the UFC to help out others in need and this is just the start of it, he says.

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