Luke Rockhold: I Almost ‘Pulled a Diaz’ Attack on Brock Lesnar at UFC 226

By Matt McNulty Jul 20, 2018

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight champion Luke Rockhold nearly “pulled a Diaz” after his friend and American Kickboxing Academy stablemate Daniel Cormier knocked out Stipe Miocic to become the heavyweight champ.

Cormier was immediately confronted by Brock Lesnar after the win, with the WWE superstar and former UFC heavyweight kingpin shoving DC nearly across the Octagon in the process.

Cormier’s AKA teammates and cornermen quickly sprung into action to defend the two-time world champion, but Rockhold was ready to take it a step further, telling Submission Radio that he nearly “pulled a Diaz brother” on the hulking WWE superstar:

“I was trying to judge the situation because I was about to pull a Diaz brother and jump on his back and kick Brock in the head,” Rockhold said. “I saw Brock enter the arena as we were getting staged and ready for DC, so I knew something was up.”

The Diaz brothers infamously jumped Jason Miller at a Strikeforce event after “Mayhem” climbed into the cage to ask Diaz’s friend Jake Shields for a rematch. The scene caused quite the pandemonium, with the event airing live on network television.

“I was trying to judge Brock. Brock was coming in hot and pushing DC but DC kept his composure and he was trying to laugh it off, so… (laughs) I’m not a big fan of Brock and his style, so I wouldn’t mind taking a leg home.”

Rockhold pointed out Lesnar’s failed USADA test for performance enhancing drugs following his UFC 200 bout against Mark Hunt, which the former middleweight champion says should have precluded Lesnar from the king-like treatment he received upon his return to the promotion at UFC 226:

“That he cheats. That he was exempt. That he was exempt from (USADA testing) so that he could cheat. And the fact they bring him back after that positive test and treat him like a king, that’s everything that’s wrong with the sport.”

“I understand DC’s point of view. He wants the money, I wish him the best, I want him to kick Brock’s ass and do that, but the fact that this sport promotes Brock Lesnar coming back off of a positive steroid test after they exempt him before the fight and he still tested positive. You don’t see that happening in any other sport and it’s sad to see it happen in this sport.”

While DC waits for the Lesnar fight to come into fruition, the two-division champion plans on defending his light heavyweight title before cashing out in a big money fight against the WWE star.


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