M-1 Challenge 24 Results & Play-by-Play

Mar 25, 2011
Sherdog.com will report from the Ted Constant Convocation Center in Norfolk, Va., with play-by-play and live results of M-1 Challenge 24, which is headlined by an M-1 Challenge lightweight title bout between champion Artiom Damkovsky and challenger Jose Figueroa.

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Marcus Daniels vs. Bryan Lasham
Round 1
Both fighters keep their distance, until Daniels throws a big right. Lasham initiates a clinch, and quickly throws Daniels onto the mat and settles into full guard. Lasham bursts with four punches to the face, and Daniels puts his arms up to defend himself. He's hurt, and Lasham follows with another flurry of vicious punches that leaves Daniels out cold on his back, forcing referee Patrick Crowe into action just 57 seconds into the bout.

Bethany Marshall vs. Stacy Grant
Round 1
Marshall is throwing kicks early and manages to initiate a clinch. Grant takes control of the clinch and presses Marshall against the ropes. She throws a knee and pushes her to the ground. Grant immediately moves to side control, but Marshall regains full guard. Marshall hangs on to Grant but her foe pulls away and lands two clean punches. Marshall gets back to her feet, and gets a takedown of her own. Grant tries to shrimp, but Marshall flattens her out. Marshall escapes the guard, and spins for an armbar from the top, but Grant squirms out of it. Marshall again has back control and looks for another armbar. Grant defends but Marshall moves to a triangle as Grant escapes. Round complete. Sherdog.com sees the opening round 10-9 for Bethany Marshall.

Round 2
Grant immediately clinches but is denied by Marshall. A Marshall kick is caught, and Grant clinches up again, prompting Marshall to pull guard. She instantly swings and looks for a leglock, but Grant backs out and they both return to the standing position. Marshall works for a clinch and gets wrist control. Her and Grant trade knees, and she pulls guard yet again. She spins for a leg again, and locks up a toehold. Grant is caught, and forced to tap. The fantastic leglock finish comes 1:49 into the second frame.

Colton Smith vs. Brian Nielson
Round 1
Smith opens with a leg kick and then dives for a double-leg takedown. Nielson hits the mat, but quickly works his way to his feet. Smith still has a hold of his body and presses him against the ropes. He attempts a trip but is denied. Nielson throws a knee as Smith pushes him against the turnbuckle. Smith dives under for a single-leg, but Nielson wraps up a guillotine. Smith squeezes his head out and postures up for one punch before Nielson grabs a hold of him. Smith shucks Nielson's legs by, and begins punching until Nielson exposes his back. Smith immediately starts raining down blows, punching steadily. Nielson refuses to quit, however. Smith looks to have gassed, as his punches become weaker and weaker from the dominant position. Nielson rolls to his side and Smith moves to full mount. Smith attempts a quick armbar but bails out. Nielson exposes his back his back in defense, and this time, Smith sinks in the rear-naked choke. The tap comes at 4:19 of the first round.

Bobby Gurley vs. Johnny Curtis
Round 1
Gurley is light on his toes, bouncing around. He avoids a spinning back fist from Curtis. The two exchange punches against the ropes, only grazing, and circle back to the middle of the ring. Gurley launches a big overhand right but Curtis counters with a vicious, thudding uppercut straight to the belly, dropping Gurley to the canvas in pain. He is not getting up and referee Scott Oats halts the action. Curtis' sensational body shot ends the bout in just 36 seconds.

David Derby vs. George Sheppard
Round 1
Derby misses with a leg kick, but follows with a right hook. He looks for the takedown, but Sheppard shrugs him off. Derby connects with a left hook, which prompts Sheppard to work his jab. Sheppard catches Derby with a right straight and he slips to the canvas, but immediately gets up. Derby looks for a standing guillotine but Sheppard shakes him off, landing a punch on the break that awkwardly dazes Derby and drops him to the mat. Sheppard moves on him as he turtles, throwing punches. Referee Todd McGovern stands by while Sheppard punches away, eventually stopping the fight at 1:50 of the first round. Derby remains on the ground in pain, and it looks as if he injured his ankle as he fell to the canvas.

Jason Hilliker vs. Jessie Riggleman
Round 1
Riggleman shoots for a takedown quickly and initiates a clinch. He pins Hilliker up against the turnbuckle but Hilliker jumps for a guillotine. He attempts a standing choke but is thrown violently to the canvas by the Harrisonburg, Va., native. Riggleman picks him up and slams him again, still not free of the choke. For the the third time, Riggleman slams him lightly and breaks the hold. He works into half guard and throws a few light punches before working the body punches hard. He postures up and lands a hard right. Riggleman throws some light punches to the head and then moves back to the body. Hilliker holds on as Riggleman moves to mount and gets a headlock. Riggleman stretches out his opponent's legs and digs his arm underneath his neck, locking up the guillotine. Hilliker is forced to tap, giving "The Mountain Man" the submission win at 3:13 of the first round.

Alexander Sarnavskiy vs. Beau Baker
Round 1
Baker closes the distance immediately and eats a stiff kick to the guts from Sarnavskiy. "Blackjack" bulls the Russian into the ropes and knees him to the legs, looking for the trip takedown. Sarnavskiy spins away, and lands a hard right hook. The Russian is absolutely relentless, bombing on Baker with both hands, as the Virginian tries to cover up and shoot for his legs. "Tiger" just pushes him away while pelting him with hooks and uppercuts. Baker is undeterred, and continues to push Sarnavskiy into the ropes. The Russian lands two brutal uppercuts in the clinch that rock Baker's head back. A double jab and right cross land for the unbeaten lightweight. Baker runs into another handful of punches to push Sarnavskiy into the ropes again. Baker tries to knee from the clinch, and Sarnavskiy responds with more uppercuts. Baker is in a single-leg, but Sarnavskiy sprawls and frees himself. With 10 seconds to go, Sarnavskiy wings his hands, landing a salvo of glancing blows on the local Baker before the horn. The first round is all Sarnavskiy, who takes the first round 10-9 on Sherdog.com's scorecard.

Round 2
Baker quickly runs Sarnavskiy into the corner again, and resumes kneeing his foe's legs. Baker almost gets Sarnavskiy to the mat, but the Russian balances himself and stands back up into the clinch. A tough fight inside, as both men drill hard knees to the body. Baker gets the collar tie, but Sarnavskiy racks him with two stiff uppercuts. Two more hard knees land for the Russian as Baker drives forward. Baker lunges forward for a takedown and slips, and "Tiger" takes a standing rear waistlock. Sarnavskiy leaps on his opponent's back, and sinks the rear-naked choke with no hooks. The pair hit the mat, and Baker tries to shed the Russian from his back, but can't wriggle free. "Blackjack" is forced to tap, and Sarnavskiy stays unbeaten at 2:32 of the second round.

Jason Norwood vs. Mojo Horne
Round 1
Norwood quickly gets a powerful takedown right into side control. Norway chips away with short punches, moving on top while Horne tries to regain guard. Horne finally regains half guard, and Norwood drives his shoulder into his face and lands some more short punches. Horne sits out and scrambles back to his feet, but the Army captain locks his hands and slams him right back to the canvas. Norwood quickly finds himself in an inverted triangle attempt from Horne, but "G.I." quickly extricates himself. Norwood drives some elbows into Horne's ribs. Horne gets back to his feet, but Norwood gets a high-crotch lift and blasts him right back to the canvas. Horne winces as the round expires. Sherdog.com sees the first round for Jason Norwood, 10-9.

Round 2
Horne lands a hard knee to the body as Norwood pulls forward, but he can't stay upright, as Norwood sucks him back to the mat, and takes side control again. Horne gets to half guard and scoots back up, and again, Norwood drives him back into the mat. Short hammerfists land for Norwood. "G.I." tries to isolate Horne's far arm for a kimura, but can't separate it from his body. As he struggles to do so, referee Scott Oats stands the pair up. Horne lands two winging punches as Norwood simply runs at him, and gets yet another takedown. Norwood stands for a moment, and Horne lands a hard upkick, but Norwood dives right back into guard and passes to side control again, where he remains until the horn. Norwood's wrestling is simply too much for Horne, as he takes the second frame 10-9.

Round 3
A body kick lands for Horne, but Norwood catches his leg and drives him right back to the canvas. Norwood holds Horne at the waist in the corner, while Horne looks at referee Scott Oats, perhaps in hopes of a stand-up. The stand-up comes some 30 seconds later, but unsurprisingly, Norwood drives Horne right back to the mat, and takes side mount. For the first time in the bout, Norwood takes mount, and grapevines Horne's legs, chipping to his skull with short punches. Norwood just grinding with short punches, until Horne regains half guard. Norwood passes back to guard, and with 30 seconds to go, postures up and throws full punches for a moment, before basing down again. Norwood punches away until the horn. Sherdog.com sees the final round 10-9 for Jason Norwood, and sees the fight 30-27 for him overall.

All three unnamed judges see the bout 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Jason Norwood.

Vinny Magalhaes vs. Jake Doerr
Round 1
Magalhaes bulldozes Doerr immediately, taking him to the floor and flurrying on him as he looks for mount. Doerr fends him off, but Magalhaes gets to side control and is looking explosive on top. "Pezao" gets to mount at the one-minute mark, and Doerr rolls and exposes his back. Magalhaes is hooking Doerr's right arm, looking to threaten with an armbar from the back. Doerr rolls instead, and Magalhaes punches away. Referee Todd McGovern tells Doerr to defend himself, but the Wisconsin native simply goes belly down and Magalhaes wails away until McGovern intervenes. The lopsided win comes at 1:47 of the first round.

M-1 Challenge Middleweight Championship
Magomed Sultanakhmedov vs. Tyson Jeffries

Round 1
Sultanakhmedov cracks Jeffries with a kick to the body, then opts for an inside low kick. "White Wolf" misses two hooks, but lands another kick to the body. Jeffries pursues the takedown, but the Dagestani fighter throws the American on his back for a moment, before Jeffries regains his feet. Another stiff body kick from Sultanakhmedov. Right hook lands, and another body kick follows for Sultanakhmedov, who is in firm control of the striking. Another hard low kick for "White Wolf." Jeffries sneaks a left hook in, but is met with another crunching low kick. Three more stiff outside low kicks land for Sultanakhmedov, all with audible smacks. They exchange at the horn, with Sultanakhmedov landing two short punches. Sherdog.com sees the opening frame 10-9 for Magomed Sultanakhmedov.

Round 2
Jeffries comes out more aggressive, punching Sultanakhmedov into the corner and getting the body lock, but the Dagestani simply throws Jeffries off of him to thwart the takedown. Push kick for Sultanakhmedov lands, and forces Jeffries to pursue another takedown, which he finally gets. The Team Quest product immediately assumes mount, and looks for an arm-triangle choke. He continues to work for the choke, but Sultanakhmedov bridges and escapes. Upon standing, Sultanakhmedov cracks Jeffries with a cross and another liver kick, before following up with a vicious salvo of knees. Jeffries looks badly hurt, wobbling into the corner as "White Wolf "closes in on him. A head kick rocks him, and Sultanakhmedov wails away along the ropes. Jeffries is in a world of hurt, taking vicious knees to the liver. Referee Scott Oats looks on closely, until Jeffries takes another vicious knee to the body that folds him in half, and puts him on all fours. Oats shows mercy and steps in to save the incredibly tough Jeffries at 3:07 of the second round. Magomed Sultanakhmedov is the new M-1 Challenge middleweight champion.

M-1 Challenge Lightweight Championship
Artiom Damkovsky vs. Jose Figueroa

Round 1
Figueroa comes out jabbing, and the champion immediately rips into him with low kicks. Damkovsky glances with a one-two, and stuffs a Figueroa shot attempt, but slips up. However, he pops up quickly and is no worse for wear. Inside low kick lands for Damkovsky, but Figueroa snaps his head back with a well-timed right cross, and transitions for a takedown. Damkovsky gets to his knees, but Figueroa looks to work for a choke from the front headlock. Damkovsky regains his feet and lands a knee, but Figueroa responds with two hard kicks. Nice back-and-forth action thus far. A Damkovsky flying knee is blocked by the challenger. Nasty outside low kick from the Belarusian lands. Figueroa kicks, which Damkovsky catches, and almost throws him off balance, but Figueroa gets held up on the ropes fortuitously. Inside trip for Figueroa puts Damkovsky on the mat, and the champ exposes his back in the scramble. Damkovsky rolls into guard, but Figueroa is cracking him liberally with both hands as the round winds down. Figueroa keeps on punching, knocking out Damkovsky's mouthguard at the horn. Damkovsky's face is a spider's web of blood. Great round for the challenger Figueroa, who earns the opening frame 10-9.

Round 2
The bloodied Damkovsky comes out blazing with punches and kicks on Figueroa. The pair clash kicks, and Damkovsky spills to the mat as Figueroa dives into his guard. The second round picks up where the first left off, as big left hands for Figueroa start the blood flowing from the champ's face again. Figueroa smoothly passes guard and takes full mount on the battered Belarusian. Damkovsky exposes his back, and Figueroa takes it, locking in the body triangle. Damkovsky escapes, but Figueroa regains mount on his badly bloodied foe. Figueroa is crushing Damkovsky form full mount as the champ bleeds all over the canvas. Damkovsky thrashes about as Figueroa keeps on punching, prompting referee Todd McGovern to step in. Damkovsky's corner is irate at the stoppage, but their man was stuck and under fire. Jose Figueroa is the new M-1 Challenge lightweight champion at 2:28 of the second round.

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