Makovsky Submits Rave in M-1; Migliaccio Falls

Apr 3, 2010
ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -- EliteXC veteran Zach Makovsky put Josh Rave to sleep in the main event of M-1 Selection 2010 “The Americas: Round 1” on Saturday at Bally’s Casino.

After putting on a wrestling clinic for the first two and half rounds, Makovsky used a steady dose of takedowns and ground-and-pound to overwhelm and frustrate his opponent. Rove had his moments but failed to inflict any damage on Makovsky. After peppering Rove and transitioning for a submission, Makovsky finally caught his foe with a guillotine and choked him unconscious.

In another super fight, John Salgado planted the first blemish on Renato Migliaccio’s record in a controversial split decision.

Salgado endured a tough first round, as the New York native fought off submission after submission until the bell rang. Once the second period began, Migliaccio closed the distance quickly and took the battle right to the mat. The Renzo Gracie protégé transitioned from mount to Salgado’s back. Although Salgado defended well and returned the fight to a standing position, he appeared to be stuck in survival mode. He eventually succumbed to another takedown, and the two men remained there for the rest of the second round, though neither of them exacted much damage.

In the third, Salgado found a second wind, as he attacked with kicks, including a spinning back kick to the body. Migliaccio moved to the clinch and took the fight back down the mat, where a re-energized Salgado scrambled back to his feet. An exhausted Migliaccio forced another clinch and followed with a takedown near the ropes, causing Salgado to strike his head on the outside apron. A break was called until Salgado was cleared to resume. The fight ended with another takedown, the bell signaling an end to the bout as Salgado was being mounted. Though it appeared Migliaccio mustered most of the offense and controlled the fight, two judges saw it differently and rewarded Salgado the victory.

The third super fight saw two experienced muay Tai fighters, Rami Ibrahim and Lennox Chance, spend the majority of their encounter on the ground.

Ibrahim, who was fined for missing his contracted weight by three pounds, seemed to face an uphill battle from the beginning. In the opening seconds of his professional debut, he was mounted quickly, as Chance initiated the ground game with a solid trip takedown. Instead of panicking, Ibrahim reversed to top position inside Chance’s guard. However, Ibrahim never appeared comfortable on the ground, as Chance pulled a reversal of his own and mounted again. After a scramble, Ibrahim returned the fight to a standing position, only to be greeted with another takedown and mount. After Chance landed some strikes, Ibrahim surrendered his back, and Chance took the opportunity to secure the fight-ending rear-naked choke with just 14 seconds left in the first round.

The rest of the night belonged to the M-1 Selection 2010 single-elimination tournament, spread across the middleweight, welterweight and lightweight divisions.

With so much pressure riding on the opening round, lightweights Dennis Bermudez and Kevin Roddy engaged as if it were a title fight on pay-per-view. Roddy showcased his usual exciting style, as he came from every angle on the ground. However, the crowd favorite could not counter Bermduez’s relentless takedowns and constant pressure from the top. Although Roddy appeared close on a few submissions, he never had Bermudez in real trouble. Bermudez stayed unbeaten, as he earned a unanimous nod from the judges.

Other Bouts
Mike Geurin def. Todd Chattelle -- TKO (Punches and Knees) 0:32 R3
Plinio Cruz def. John Doyle -- Unanimous Decision
Colin Schrader def. Josh Smidt -- Submission (Guillotine Choke) 0:30 R1
George Sheppard def. Mervin Rodriguez -- Split Decision
Pat Audinwood def. Robert Conner -- Unanimous Decision
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