Matt Serra Rips 'Cheater' T.J. Dillashaw, Suggests He May have Shortened Garbrandt's Career

By Nathan Zur Apr 12, 2019

T.J. Dillashaw continues to receive criticism after accepting a two-year ban from the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) as a result of a positive drug test.

On March 20, Dillashaw announced that he would be relinquishing his bantamweight belt after USADA and the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) found adverse findings in a drug-test taken before his last fight against Henry Cejudo. The NYSAC suspended Dillashaw for one-year as a result of the findings before USADA slapped him with a two-year ban for recombinant human erythropoietin (EPO) use which was retroactive from his fight against Henry Cejudo on Jan. 19, 2019.

MMA fighters past and present have come out in force on social media condemning Dillashaw’s use of EPO. Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra spoke about the ban during the latest edition of the “UFC Unfiltered” podcast, condemning Dillashaw and labeling him a “cheater.”

Serra also suggested that fellow bantamweight contender Cody Garbrandt may have a shorter-than-expected career as a result of being finished by Dillashaw in both their back-to-back title fights suggesting Dillashaw may have been on EPO in each of those fights (via

“It’s downright disgusting. What f***ing legacy? We don’t know what he could have done if the playing field was even; on a level playing field. Dude, I really feel for Cody, cause in that first fight, he hurt [Dillashaw] too. He almost took [Dillashaw] out. Maybe that slight edge [Dillashaw had] was because he’s a f***ing cheater! Listen, you know I never had a problem with that kid, and I always liked Duane [Ludwig], but hey man, this is just foul. Cody Garbrandt, I mean who knows what that takes out of the rest of his career? How about that, TJ? What does it take out of [Garbrandt’s] career that he gets stopped twice by a f***ing cheater? He might not have as long as a career, so he might not have as many options to make the money he would have made. That sounds dramatic, but that’s the f***ing truth of it. So f*** you man, TJ.”


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