Mike Perry Picking McGregor to Win, Would Love to Fight Him at Welterweight

By Anthony Walker and Matt McNulty Oct 4, 2018

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Count Mike Perry as a Conor McGregor fan. The two are both brash trash talkers, each with his own distinct style. With “Notorious” always a teasing a return to welterweight, “Platinum” would love nothing more than a chance at what McGregor famously termed “red panty night.”

“Platinum” talked with Sherdog.com’s Anthony Walker and McGregor, who headlines UFC 229 this weekend, was inevitably discussed. Perry professed to be a fan of McGregor's trash talk in lead-up to his match with Khabib Nurmagomedov this weekend.

“He’s smooth man, he’s clever,” Perry said. “How can you not like the guy? But you listen to his ass talk and watch him fight!? I would absolutely love [to exchange words with McGregor at a press event]. Break out the red panties, baby!”

Perry even admired some of the jabs McGregor took that crossed the line in the minds of some observers, such as when he brought up a child of Nurmagomedov's manager Ali Abdelaziz, who is allegedly in arrears on child support.

“When he called out Ali Abdelaziz, asking him ‘where’s Noah?’ and calling him a rat snitch, that was crazy!” Perry said.

Perry (12-3) is coming off of a victory over Paul Felder back in July, and arrived at media day for UFC 229 without an opponent or fight to promote. However, “Platinum” says he’s always open to new rivalries.

“I don’t have any beef with anyone. Russian, Irish … but we can make some beef though. America!”

As for the McGregor vs. Nurmagomedov fight, Perry didn’t hesitate to throw his support behind the man of whom he’s become a fan, and perhaps one day, opponent:

“I’m going with the striker. Ireland. I think Khabib is very sloppy in how he closes the gap. Conor’s gonna hit him with those uppercuts coming in. I don’t know if it’s gonna be a short fight, or if Khabib will wrestle him down first and work his game before Conor shows it’s not hard to scramble out.”

“Khabib doesn’t have power. He’s hitting you, but he’s not hurting you. Conor’s like a porcupine. You can’t hold on to a porcupine.”

UFC 229 takes place Saturday night in Las Vegas.

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