Mike Perry Takes Aim At 'Cowboy,' Promises Him a 'Spartan Death'

By Nathan Zur Aug 31, 2018

The fallout between Donald Cerrone and the Jackson-Wink MMA gym continues to unravel, with fighters and trainers alike providing their insight into what the situation is really like at ground zero. The catalyst for the fallout according to “Cowboy” was that fellow Jackson-Wink fighter Mike Perry called him out and the gym backed Perry instead of him.

“Platinum,” who only started training with the Jackson-Wink team earlier this year, has now weighed in on Cerrone’s comments.

The 26 year-old started by addressing Cerrone’s criticism that the gym "just lets any bums in off the street" by praising popular YouTuber Logan Paul who recently competed in a boxing match against fellow YouTuber Olajide Olatunji.

Perry followed up with another tweet, this time aimed directly at Cerrone, claiming that “Cowboy” doesn’t know what it’s like to have money problems before assuring him of a “Spartan Death” when they meet.

If that wasn’t enough, Perry also provided a recording of himself shouting “I’m coming for you! I’m coming for you in front of the whole world, motherf**ker! You earned it. You earned it.”

Cerrone is set to do battle against Perry and the Jackson-Wink team on Nov. 10 at UFC Fight Night 139.


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