Polaris Pro 3 ‘Rousimar Palhares vs. Garry Tonon’ Play-by-Play & Results

By Mike Sloan Apr 2, 2016

Polaris Pro 3 "Rousimar Palhares vs. Garry Tonon" play-by-play kicks off at 1:30 p.m. ET.

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Joao Miyao vs. Yukinori Sasa

Round 1

The first matchup of the day is the gi match between Miyao and Sasa. The two immediately drop down to 50/50 and Miyao fishes for the Berimbolo. The two continue the seated guard play before Miyao stands up briefly to reset. Sasa inverts himself briefly before returning back to his seat. The jiu jitsu players roll several times across the mat and hit the wall, forcing a rest in the center of the mat. Miyao stands up and briefly backs up before charging back in, only to get lassoed by his foe. Great grip work by the Japanese combatant, disallowing the pass. Miyao goes shin-on-shin as he tries to pass but he’s still being negated five minutes in. Miyao thinks to feed his foe’s gi but he’s blocked. The distraction allows the Brazilian to pass to side control, though Sasa defending well. Sasa rolls over to turtle before rolling out to sit. Miyao stands over Sasa again, looking to float to the side again. Sasa’s guard is terrific once more as he is thwarting the pass. Sasa shrimps out several times to prevent the pass, keeping a lock on Joao’s sleeves. Finally, Miyao scoots to his left and secures the pass to side control at the midway point.

Miyao is driving his left shoulder hard into Sasa’s face as he tries to achieve mount, but for now the Japanese grappler prevents it. Sasa fishes for the Bravo choke, but Sasa is wise to the maneuver, defending it well. Sasa hooks Miyao’s right foot to prevent another pass, but Joao continues to fish for the choke. Sasa rolls and gives up his back and Miyao immediately latches onto it. Miyao has a body triangle with 4:45 left and he’s looking for the choke. Sasa is in trouble, but he’s remaining calm. Miyao continues to dig for the lapel choke but it appears as though Yukinori is fending it off. Quickly, Miyao switches to the bow-and-arrow choke, but he misses it. Back to the previous position, but Joao loses his body triangle. Sasa tries to scramble out but Miyao is all over him, looking for a kimura from the side until Sasa escapes out the back door. With two minutes remaining, Sasa rolls onto his back to recover his guard. Miyao tries to pass late, but Sasa prevents him as time is running out. With 40 seconds left, Joao passes to side control and explodes to his foe’s back but he misses the position. Time runs out as Joao can’t land a collar choke at the horn.

The Result

Joao Miyao and Yukinori Sasa battle to a draw

Geo Martinez vs. Luiz Tosta

Round 1

Geo Martinez and Luiz Tosta are up next in a no-gi battle. The two circle each other in the center of the mat as Martinez goes with a little hand-to-head distractions. Geo drops down to pull guard but Tosta isn’t willing to dive in yet. Tosta goes shin-to-shin before trying to explode in a pass but he misses. Tosta continues to stand up over Geo, who is scooting forward. Tosta finally drops down with a knee shield, but Martinez snatches up his left foot, but noting comes from it. Martinez has wrist control briefly but he’s still preventing his foe form passing. Martinez switches to half guard and attacks the leg, but it’s brief; they stand up and regroup. Geo misses a scissor takedown but after a scramble, Tosta winds up on his back with geo in his half guard. Geo stands up and then drives back in via knee slice but he still can’t pass. Tosta applies a loose De La Riva but nothing comes from it. Geo looks to pass to his left again but is thwarted and they reset on their feet. Martinez sits back down while Luiz stalks him and stands over his foe before dropping back down with a knee shield. Geo fishes for his opponent’s left leg from half guard but Tosta nullifies the attack at the midway point.

Geo continues to attack his foe’s left leg but so far nothing is materializing. Tosta back-steps and resets but Martinez opts to stay on the seat of his trunks. Geo motions Luiz to come into his guard but Tosta is patient. He finally decided to engage again but prevents Martinez’ attempt at a calf crusher. Tosta gain backs off and restarts, but Martinez latches onto his left ankle. Tosta sits back down behind the knee shield and then backs off. With five minutes left, Geo pulls guard and quickly looks for arm control but Tosta is slippery. Finally, Geo stands up and they circle each other before engaging in the clinch. Martinez tries to pull guard but Tosta doesn’t fall for it. Tosta has his knee slice pass blocked and is forced to reset. Martinez again looks for the grip behind his opponent’s left knee but Luiz is too wary to allow anything to happen. Geo explodes with an attempt at a knee bar and it’s tight. Tosta desperately rolls over and is able to clear his leg and gets back to his feet, narrowly avoiding the first serious submission attempt of the match. With two minutes left, Martinez uses a butterfly guard for a few seconds before attacking his foe’s left leg again. He fishes for the calf crusher again but he misses it. Tosta backs off and with a minute left, he dives back down with the knee shield. Geo latches onto the left leg yet again but time is running out. Tosta strips away and goes for the knee slice as time runs out.

The Result

Geo Martinez and Luiz Tosta battle to a draw

Darragh O Conaill vs. Jon Satava

Round 1

They grip immediately and quickly go the ground. O Conaill is on his back but Satava is ferocious as he tries to pass. Satava has a strong underhook and pass to his right via knee slice to side control. O Conaill is calm, though, and is preventing the Marcelo Garcia black belt from mounting. Satava remains in side control and is pressuring his foe, securing the collar. Satava’s weight application is immense, keeping Darragh on his back for almost three full minutes already. They scramble briefly and O Conaill looks to recover via butterfly guard, but Satava is all over him still. Satava gets an underhook of the Irishman’s right arm and eventually passes to side control to his right again. Satava again grips his foe’s collar and is crushing him with his weight. Satava thinks north-south choke briefly, but abandons it almost as soon as he tries it. Back to side control, O Conaill can’t escape at the moment. Satava goes to knee-on-belly as he looks to mount, keeping his right thumb deep in his opponent’s collar. Satava misses a mount attempt but he quickly just returns to side control at the midway point.

O Conaill Scrambles out and goes to butterfly again and then quickly resorts to sucking his foe into half guard. Satava is relentless, though, and powers through in an another attempt to pass. During a brief scramble, the New Yorker slides to full mount. Satava is driving his right shoulder heavily into the Irishman’s head as he looks to neutralize the right arm. Satava continues to slowly inch his way up in effort to secure an arm triangle, but O Conaill is keen, not letting it happen. O Conaill mistimes a huge hip escape and is quickly flattened out. O Conaill is able to slink himself into half guard and then scoots to butterfly guard. Finally, the Irishman is able to suck his foe into full guard. Satava scoops him up but Darragh dismounts. They regroup in the center of the mat and both men pause to fix their gis. They clinch and fight for grip control before O Conaill scores a takedown. Satava is on the seat of his pants and gets half guard as O Conaill tries to pass to his right. O Conaill sits on his opponent’s ribs as he searches for lapel control. With a minute left, both men are exhausted. O Conaill is thinking possible knee bar as he tries to unlace his foe’s legs but Satava is too aware to allow it. Time runs out before the knee bar can materialize.

The Result

Darragh O Conaill and Jon Satava battle to a draw

Gezary Matuda vs. Laurence Fouillat

Round 1

The two women circle each other right away to start the bout. Fouillat is backing away, circling to her left while Matuda presses forward. Fouillat grabs the lapel and pulls guard, but Matuda is very aggressive, looking to pass. Matuda goes to the knee slice, but Fouillat keeps her at bay. Gezary is very heavy now, pressing down onto her foe as she looks to pass to her left. Fouillat keeps a hold of her opponent’s pant leg to prevent the pass but after a scramble, she is forced to turtle. Matuda is behind her, taking her time in looking for a way to get inside. Matuda tries to take her back completely, but Fouillat rolls over and prevents it and pulls back to half guard. Matuda returns to where she was a few minutes ago as she looks to pass to her left. Gezary knee slices almost through but her foe has her foot locked up, keeping the pass from happening. Matuda is very relentless still as she tries like hell to pass, but Laurence’s defense is superb. Fouillat continues to trap Matuda’s right arm but quickly, Gezary throws her leg over nad searches for a surprise armbar. It’s tight but Fouillat is able to free herself, but Matuda winds up in side control. Matuda quickly thinks bow-and-arrow but misses it, allowing Fouillat to explode out and recover, going with the knee shield at the midway point.

They scramble briefly and return back to where they’ve been for much of the bout; with Fouillat on his side preventing Matuda’s pass via knee slice. Matuda misses a pass to mount and Fouillat recovers to half guard. Fouillat rolls over and tries to take her foe’s back, but Matuda’s pants come down partially, forcing a time-out so she can fix her gi. The ref restarts the two on their feet where they quickly fight for grips. Matuda reaches in for the lapel, but she accidentally shoves one of her left fingers into Laurence’s eye. Thankfully she’s okay and they quickly resume the match, where Fouillat pulls guard. Matuda again tries to pass to mount but Fouillat has a superb X guard. Fouillat inverts herself and attacks the leg, but misses her move. Matuda explodes out and tries to seize her opponent’s back, putting Laurence on the defense again. With four minutes left, Matuda almost has full mount. Gezary has a hand on the collar for a moment but she abandons the attempt. Fouillat almost secures a sweep off her back, but Matuda is too pliant to allow it. Again, Matuda continues to aggressively try to pas via knee slice but Fouillat rolls over and is stuck in a loop choke. Matuda loses it and has to re-establish her attacks via spider guard. With a minute left, both women go for broke. Fouillat is on top but Matuda stands and sweeps her back down. Matuda almost gets full mount with lapel control but the Frenchwoman denies the pass and submission. Matuda tries everything she can to land a collar choke but time runs out.

The Result

Gezary Matuda and Laurence Fouillat battle to a draw

Bruno Frazatto vs. Gianni Grippo

Round 1

The two immediately drops down to Berimbolo and wind up at the edge of the mat. The ref stops the bout and drags the players together to the center of the mat, which elicits a chorus of laughter. They reset in the same position, fighting for grips. Frazatto stands up and looks to pass to his left, but Grippo is controlling his movement. Frazatto is totally neutralized and resorts to going back down to Berimbolo. Frazatto lassos his foe’s right arm, but nothing comes from it while Grippo, who is on top now, looks to pass. Grippo stands up but Frazatto’s guard is quite active. Gianni is applying a good amount of pressure in trying to pass to his left, but Bruno is keeping him at bay with lapel control. Grippo ducks down and rolls under, fishing for a leg drag. Grippo is perpendicular as he looks for the back collar. Frazatto slides on top of Grippo, who maintains control of his foe’s collar. Bruno rolls over and is attacking Gianni’s feet, but nothing comes to fruition. Grippo gets back to Berimbolo and rolls three times in an attempt to latch onto one of the feet, but Bruno thwarts it. Grippo winds up on top of his counterpart, but the two maintain terrific grip control of one another at the midway point

Frazatto comes up to his feet for a moment, but he decides against trying to pass. Frazatto rolls over to his right but winds up back to where he started. Gianni grips the foot, which forces his foe to roll back the other way to slink out of it. Grippo stands up and muscles through a leg drag and explodes to pass to his left. Bruno has to scramble to prevent it and sweeps the younger man back to Berimbolo. Grippo switches to a straight footlock grip, but Frazatto isn’t bothered by it at all. The grip fighting continues with three minutes left as the two combatants pause to fix their gis. They restart on their feet where Frazatto quickly tries to pull guard. Gianni smashes through in an effort to pass but, per the norm, Frazatto thwarts it. They scramble off the mat again and are rest again, this time back on their feet. They engage and Bruno drops down to pull guard. Grippo stands over his foe until he is swept onto his back. Grippo latches onto Bruno’s pants and rolls under but Frazatto nullifies the charge. With a minute left, it looks unlikely that there will be a finish as they remain seated, fishing for control. Frazatto is fighting off his back, controlling the pace and preventing a pass as time runs out.

The Result

Bruno Frazatto and Gianni Grippo battle to a draw

Augusto Mendes vs. Eddie Cummings

Round 1

The ADCC rematch is underway and they quickly try to establish the grips. Cummings pulls guard but Mendes looks to pass. Out of nowhere, Cummings latches on a heel hook but Augusto isn’t fazed and easily rolls out of it. “Tanquinho” dives back in but is threatened by a knee bar, though nothing comes from it. Cummings goes to butterfly guard before his foe stands up. “Tanquinho” is looking to pass to his right, but the American prevents it. They scramble after Cummings tries to latch onto a leg lock, and the Brazilian backs off. Once again, Cummings latches on another leg lock before the camera pans over to Cummings’ corner. From the sound of it, Mendes escapes. The camera is back onto the match and Cummings stays on his butt, preventing another pass attempt. Eddie pulls his foe over via arm drag, but the Brazilian defends it at the end and resets back to his knees. Mendes searches for a way to pass to his right, band then is stuck in the midst of a deep leg lock. “Tanquinho” rolls to his right several times before he finally is able to slither out of it. Mendes inadvertently kicks Cummings in the face, knocking his mouthpiece out. Cummings is given a moment to regroup and once he’s okay, the battle continues. Mendes stands over his adversary while Cummings continues to fish for the leg lock. “Tanquinho” escapes another heel hook attempt easily as we reach the midway point.

Cummings remains on his back but Mendes is starting to pick up his pace just slightly. Eddie again latches onto his foe’s leg but quickly abandons the leg lock. Cummings seems to be slowing down a little bit now but he’s still able to fend off “Tanquinho” and his pass attempts. Augusto spins out of another leg lock and stands back up. “Tanquinho” dives down and snatches his foe’s head, but he lets go rather quickly. Cummings looks for another series of leg locks but the Brazilian is too slippery to allow it. “Tanquinho” still is unable to pass but finally, he switches gears and passes to his right. Cummings hip escapes and recovers guard before his nemesis is able to stand up and away to reset. With four minutes left, Cummings goes to the inside butterfly hook but “Tanquinho” is not bothered by it. Cummings misses another knee bar as he’s starting to tire out. Mendes is smashing the American down from on top but he can’t pass or gain a better position. He knee slices aggressively with 2:30 left in match but he can’t pass. Cummings misses another leg lock attempt. With 90 seconds left, “Tanquinho” passes to his left and quickly moves to knee-on-belly, but Cummings scrambles out, forcing a reset. “Tanquinho” think standing foot lock but he misses it with only 45 seconds left. “Tanquinho” tries to explode at the end but time expires, giving us another draw.

The Result

Augusto Mendes and Eddie Cummings battle to a draw

Jake Shields vs. A.J. Agazarm

Round 1

The no-gi co-main event rivalry is underway as the two Gracie disciples can finally settle their beef. They clinch almost immediately and Shields seems like the stronger man. They search for control and Agazarm “accidentally” palms his foe in the forehead. They tie up briefly again and AJ shoots in for a single but he’s stuck in a deep guillotine, which is quickly switched to a neck crank. It’s deep and Agazarm is in trouble but he is able to eventually free himself and scramble away, but Shields is all over him. Shields in now in half guard, looking to pass to his right while his rival is trying to recover his full guard. Shields is very heavy from on top and eventually scoots to full mount. AJ posts on Jake’s face but he can’t shake him off. Shields digs his hips down deep while Agazarm tries to roll to his right to create space. Shields continues to hard pressure and eventually seizes his nemesis’ back, searching for a rear-naked choke. AJ escapes the submission and rolls back over, but Shields is still on him in mount. Shields slowly works his way to a possible head-and-arm choke but AJ is fending it off. Shields remains in mount, applying a ton of pressure. Jake again is looking for the head-and-arm choke at the midway point.

Shields explodes off the mount and goes for broke in an attempt to choke out Agazarm, but AJ is able to burst out and escape back to his feet. They fight for the clinch and Shields lands two left slaps to AJ’s face and the referee intervenes, warning the two to keep it as civil as possible. They resume the action and clinch again. AJ shoots in again but misses with single before falling off the edge of the mat. When they stand back up, Agazarm shoves Shields. The fighters are arguing with the ref as to where to restart the match but the ref has the say: back on the feet. Agazarm shoots in and is caught in an arm-in guillotine, but Shields can’t finish him off. AJ pulls the former UFC fighter into his full guard with about four minutes left. Shields lands a little elbow into AJ’s thigh and it’s starting to get really heated between the two. AJ yells at Shields’ corner to “shut up,” but Shields immediately explodes out and locks in a deep head-and-arm choke, but AJ is fending it off. Shields is trying to free his left leg in order to pass to side control, but AJ’s defense is superb. Finally, Jake does and he gets full mount, still holding onto the choke. With 90 seconds left, Shields digs deep into his adversary, maintaining his position and looking for the choke. Shields dismounts to his left for the choke but he doesn’t have it and goes back to full mount. Shields explodes off the choke and nearly lands an armbar but Agazarm hitchhikes his way to freedom. They scramble at the end and AJ pulls guard as time runs out.

During the post-right replays, sounds of a scuffle between the two are heard. According to the commentators, Shields shoved Agazarm and words were exchanged before cooler heads prevailed.

The Result

Jake Shields and A.J. Agazarm battle to a draw

Rousimar Palhares vs. Garry Tonon

Round 1

Tonon quickly shoots in and goes for the toe hold but the Brazilian fends it off. “Toquinho” misses a toe hold of his own before the two latch on deep heel hooks. Nothing happens as they each let go. Tonon steps over his foe but Palhares has a hold of his left leg. The American clears the threat and stands back up, as does Rousimar. Palhares arm drags his foe, but Tonon drops to pull guard. In the blink of an eye, Tonon latches on another deep heel hook, forcing Palhares to roll several times to his left before they leave the mat. They are restarted on their feet and they clinch. A huge takedown for the Brazilian, forcing Tonon onto his side. Toquinho looks to pass by rolling his foe over, but Tonon keeps his balance and sits up. Tonon latches on a slick triangle choke but lets go as soon as Palhares appears to scoop him up. Garry goes to his butterfly guard but Toquinho moves over to his right and into half guard. Tonon figure-fours his foe’s leg but can’t land the toe hold. Palhares grabs a high crotch as Tonon stand and flips him over hard onto his side. Tonon again goes for another leg lock but he can’t get it. The two battle for heel hooks before rolling off the mat again. The ref restarts them in the same position in the center of the mat. They stand and clinch again. Tonon shoots in but misses badly for a single. Back up, Tonon goes with an overhook and pulls guard. They scramble and Tonon just misses a kimura and then almost seizes the muscular Brazilian’s back. Tonon stands while “Toquinho stays on his knees but Garry opts to go to the ground at the midway point.

“Toquinho” lands another takedown but Tonon wraps him up in a dangerously-tight heel hook. Palhares is in pain but he doesn’t tap and eventually muscles his way out. Tonon goes back to his back before the ref restarts them in the center of the mat. Tonon sits out while “Toquinho” is starting to look gassed – or hurt – as he’s not as explosive as he was earlier. Tonon darts out with another triangle attempt but Palhares powers out of it rather easily. Tonon stands up and then dives down for a rolling knee bar, but he misses. “Toquinho” fireman dumps his foe onto his back but Tonon dives right back at the larger man and misses another rolling knee bar. Garry slips on a decent anaconda, but the Brazilian fends it off, but not before Tonon moves to side control. Palhares is slowing down considerably now and allows the American to slide onto mount. Rousimar scrambles up and shucks his foe off before landing in Tonon’s butterfly guard. They are reset in the center of the mat and Palhares goes with a collar tie. Tonon loses a sweep but is able to snake his way underneath “Toquinho” and take his back. Tonon looks for the choke from behind, but he abandons the idea and fishes for a twister. Palhares fends it off just as Garry dives back in for an arm bar from the back. “Toquinho” slips out of it easily and Tonon stands up. With a minute left, they clinch. Tonon misses a flying triangle and then a rolling kimura. Palhares scrambles into Tonon with immense pressure, but he falls into another leg lock. Tonon can’t finish it off as the Brazilian escapes yet again as time expires. Great fight.

The Result

Garry Tonon and Rousimar Palhares battle to a draw


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