Pudzianowski Blames Loss on Conditioning; Sylvia Says Fight Lasted Longer Than Expected

By Jack Encarnacao May 21, 2010
Peter Lockley/Sherdog.com

WORCESTER, Mass. -- Both Tim Sylvia and Mariusz Pudzianowski limped into a post-fight news conference with iced legs following their “Moosin: God of Martial Arts” pay-per-view main event clash Friday. Both also wore smiles on their faces as Pudzianowski slapped Sylvia’s hand, though the Polish strongman sat stern-faced while a translator told him what was being said.

“I felt very confident for this fight,” Sylvia said. “What I’ve been telling people, it would be like entering a strongman competition against this man. No chance in hell.”

Through a translator, Pudzianowksi said he’ll take about two weeks off and return to the drawing board.

“I am still learning, this is the learning curve for me,” he said. “I took the risk. … You guys will hear about me for sure.”

Pudzianowski, who is now 2-1, cited lack of conditioning for a rather abrupt second-round tap to Sylvia’s strikes on the ground.

“I knew I could possibly prolong the fight for a little bit longer, but because of my conditioning, or lack of conditioning, I decided there was really no sense to do it, point to do it,” he said. “The conditioning was by far the deciding factor for me in not continuing to fight.”

Sylvia said he thought the audience in the DCU Center, packed with Polish, “was a little of a hostile crowd to be honest with you.”

“I consider myself something of a legend in MMA and I go out there and … I see Polish guys screaming at and yelling his name,” he said. “Fortunately the fight went the way I wanted it to go. … He went a minute 15 seconds longer than I thought he was going to.”

Also of note, fighters on the card were not drug tested, as the recently formed state athletic commission has yet to establish its drug testing program, said Todd Grossman, counsel to the commission. Grossman said there is not yet a timetable for when drug testing will be implemented. Massachusetts began regulating MMA in March.

This article was updated at 11:58 a.m. ET with info on drug testing.
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