Quentin Domingos Gets 4-Year Ban From French Anti-Doping Agency After Failed 2018 Test

By Tudor Leonte Aug 28, 2020

One of the combatants of the upcoming KSW 54 co-main event is facing a major ban in his adopted home country due to a failed drug test.

On Saturday, Quentin Domingos is scheduled to lock horns with former professional boxer and kickboxer Izuagbe Ugonoh, with the latter set to make his MMA debut. Before that, “Ruskov” will have to contend with a pending four-year ban from the French Anti-Doping Agency (L’Agence Française de Lutte Contre le Dopage, abbreviated AFLD). Domingos was tested the night of hisGladiator Fight Arena 10 bout, which went down on March 17, 2018. The Portugal-born Frenchman went on to render Daniele Palomba unconscious at the 2:17 mark of the opening stanza.

According to his results, Domingos tested positive for a litany of banned substances. The contents of his results included and were not limited to: methenolone and its metabolite 1-methylene-5a-androstan-3a-ol-17-one; a metabolite of drostanolone, 2a-methyl-5a-androstan-3a-ol-17-one; for testosterone and some of its metabolites; for trenbolone; and the hormone gonadotropin chorionic. Most of these substances are anabolic agents and peptide hormones, all of which are banned in and out of competition.

Domingos was then informed about the results of that test and offered the possibility to contest the results by asking the test of the B-sample. “Ruskov” was tested again by the AFLD at his home on May 3, 2018. That test revealed the presence of 17-epimethandienone and epimethendiol, some metabolites of methandienone and metabolites of stanozolol, among other substances.

Domingos was then informed once again that he could contest the results by asking a second test on the B-sample, but he chose not to. He was officially notified about his temporary suspension, and awaited his hearing.

Even though he was informed about the pending hearing, Domingos competed in several fights that took place in Belgium. “Ruskov” went on a three-bout winning streak after overcoming Jeff Menier, Shahab Fatehi and Willem Struik before losing to Damien Losco. Domingos then appeared once again on French soil at the 100% Fight 42 event, where he forced Sead Kahrovic to retire on his stool at the end of the first round.

As a result, Domingos has been fined 4,000 euros and issued a four-year ban from any professional involvement in the sport, including competing as well as coaching. The sentence is retroactive, and Domingos will be able to compete again in France in October 2022. The AFLD also overturned the result of the Palomba fight, while requesting the same for each of his subsequent bouts. His four matches in Belgium will be unaffected, as AFLD does not have jurisdiction over events outside of France. His finish of Kahrovic will also remain as recorded, as Domingos did not fail a drug test after that bout.

A KSW official responded for comment to Sherdog, writing, “The KSW Federation has not received any contact from any French anti-doping agency regarding Quentin Domingos. Bans imposed by foreign agencies and/or commissions do not automatically travel into other countries where they have no jurisdiction and, therefore, it is at the discretion of the promotion whether or not to adhere to their findings. The KSW Federation was not aware of any ban when we signed Quentin Domingos and due to the ban stemming back over two years ago in a different market we feel it should not affect him today.”

Domingos’ manager was similarly disinterested in the ruling, claiming that the documents submitted by the AFLD were “fake” and that a copy they received contained conflicting information. The manager refused to provide Sherdog with a copy of the document they received to compare the two. With KSW and Domingos’ team unconcerned about these results, the KSW 54 co-headliner will still proceed as scheduled.

KSW 54 will take place in Poland on Aug. 29. In the main event, Mateusz Gamrot will lock horns with Marian Ziolkowski in a lightweight championship affair. The card will also feature 155-pound clashes in Lukasz Rajewski vs. Bartlomiej Kopera and Sebastian Rajewski vs. Armen Stepanyan.
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