Report: Bellator, Sengoku Vet Marlon Sandro Faces Attempted Murder Charge in Brazil

By Tristen Critchfield Feb 20, 2018

Bellator and Sengoku veteran Marlon Sandro is facing multiple charges, including attempted murder, for two separate attacks on his fiancee.

According to a report from, Sandro has been charged with attempted murder for a Dec. 9 assault of Tayssa Wuensche in Rio de Janeiro. Sandro allegedly choked Wuensche unconscious in the middle of the street and hit her multiple times after she regained consciousness. Sandro could get up to three years in jail if found guilty, according to the report.

Additionally, an intoxicated Sandro allegedly broke into Wuensche’s home on Feb. 9 and threatened the woman with a knife before choking her with a pillow after she started crying. Sandro allegedly threatened Wuensche’s life but was saved by her mother and brother after sending out a text message, according to a police report.

Earlier on Tuesday, Sandro released a statement acknowledging that he made a “mistake.” He also claimed that he was unemployed and was looking for the opportunity to resume his fighting career.

“I know I had my moment of mistake, I’m working on getting better and being a new man,” Sando wrote on Instagram. “I quit drinking, that was one of the things that made me lose my temper. Every person has his belief and I don’t criticize them, every one searches for your spiritual balance, and mine is church. I live in the (favela), I could be in crime doing drugs, but it’s the opposite, I want to be a better human being.

“I know I can be better than I was. Want to judge me, fine, I accept all judgements,” he continued. “But what do you prefer? That I give myself up to drugs? Or that I try to fix what I did wrong? What would you do if you were in my position? Justice is being done in court. I only ask this chance to all promotions.”

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