Report: UFC Books Madison Square Garden for December New York City Show

By Mike Fridley Apr 17, 2015
Even though mixed martial arts is yet to be legal in New York, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has reserved a date in December at the world-famous Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, N.Y., should the sport be greenlit in 2015 according to a report by Newsday.

“We have a date,” UFC President Dana White told Newsday.

“You know we're going to have a lot of New Yorkers fighting on the New York card,” said White. “We do that in every market we go in. Plus, the first ever at the Garden, I mean, some of these guys' dreams are to fight at the Garden.”

MMA's most prestigious promotion faces major hurdles before such a show could come to fruition on New York soil. Earlier this month, Judge Kimba Wood of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York ruled that the state's MMA law is so vaguely written that “reasonable people” could not understand what it prohibited. The lawsuit was dismissed due to a technicality.

The judge advised UFC and co-plaintiffs to “consider filing new vagueness claims.”

The UFC has vowed to continue the fight and is considering all its options, including an appeal of the decision and following through on the Court’s suggestion that they file new claims challenging the law.

“Obviously, it'd be a bad-[expletive] card,” White said. “[If] we come to New York, we're going to blow it out of the water.”

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