Roy Nelson Apologizes for Kicking Ref ‘Big’ John McCarthy After UFC Fight Night 95 Win

By Tristen Critchfield Dec 2, 2016

Roy Nelson is attempting to make amends for his actions following a second-round knockout victory over Antonio Silva at UFC Fight Night 95 on Sept. 24.

Nelson caught a Silva kick and floored his opponent with a counter uppercut in the second stanza. The massive Brazilian appeared to be done at that point, but “Big Country” landed four to five follow-up blows before referee John McCarthy halted the bout. Nelson took issue with McCarthy’s stoppage and kicked the veteran official in the rear as he tended to the fallen Silva. Nelson also gave McCarthy the middle finger.

As a result of his actions, Nelson was suspended nine months and fined $24,000 by the Brazilian Superior Justice Court of MMA (STJDMMA), according to a report from However, if Nelson made a public apology to McCarthy he would receive a reduced sanction of six months and a $13,700 fine.

Nelson, who was given until Dec. 31 to make the apology, did so on Friday in front of assembled media in Las Vegas.

“First I’d like to apologize to the fans who make our sport. To the Brazilian commission, John McCarthy and the rest of the world, my team and especially my family for my actions in my last fight,” Nelson said.

“My actions were out of character. I have nothing against anyone, including John McCarthy. I recognize what I did was a mistake and I was wrong. I can’t apologize enough to John McCarthy, to the commission, and to MMA fans around the world. I can’t wait to get back into the Octagon to entertain the fans.” has reported that the STJDMMA will make a ruling on whether Nelson’s apology was sufficient next week.

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